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800 Township Line Road, Suite 300
Yardley, PA 19067
Telephone: 267-757-2101


Account wins    20
Active business clients    32

Brands by 2016 sales
Brand-product accounts held    40


Services Mix

Sales/MSLs/Medical Affairs Training    100%



Axiom is Huntsworth Health’s life sciences training agency, which executives say provides comprehensive learning solutions that empower pharmaceutical, device, and biotech cross-functional teams to succeed in a global competitive landscape with a keen focus on the science, the clinician, and the patient.

The Year’s Accomplishments

Global CEO Mike Ballas says his team’s focus on creating new and innovative training solutions over the past year has expanded Axiom’s suite of training offerings for both virtual distance learning and live training events. “These new offerings are fueling growth in our key areas of focus, sales force training and medical science liaison training,” Ballas says.

Axiom has recently forged several strategic partnerships, including partnering as AOR for several EMEA clients and developing global learning curricula in biologics.

In collaboration with a strong in-house medical team, Axiom’s client services team continues to cultivate strong client relationships resulting in greater depth and breadth within key customer organizations. “Our customers value our strategic guidance and scientific recommendations for global learning programs,” says Les Castro, PhD, VP, Scientific Services.

Structure & Services

Axiom is a leading global life sciences training partner providing comprehensive learning solutions that empower medical science liaisons and sales specialists to engage in effective clinical dialogue with customers, according to its management.

Strategic end-to-end solutions include eLearning curricula and live training events with a focus on science, customized instructional design methodologies, and immersive technology.

Executives say Axiom uses the principles of evidence-based training to design training programs that measure learning and provide opportunities to measure ROI.

“Our training deliverables are immersive and engaging, and employ specific tactics designed to increase knowledge retention and application in the field,” says Terri Harchar, director of Medical Content. “Additionally, Axiom utilizes patient case studies, clinician perspectives, and patient perspectives to anchor key learning points and to instill realism into our customized learning solutions.”

According to management, Axiom’s mission “is to create exceptional training and development programs that change behavior and improve performance. In so doing, Axiom empowers clients with the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain leadership in an evolving global landscape.”

In communicating Axiom’s mission, Lorri Blank, senior director of Client Solutions for the agency, says, “Our team has a keen focus on client-centricity. At Axiom, we are always thinking about what is best for our clients. Being client-centric is truly listening to what our clients are saying and then thinking about the best solution for their business objectives.”

Future Plans

According to Ballas, he has a long-term strategy for expanding Axiom’s center of excellence in the therapeutic areas of oncology and hematology.

Axiom executives note that as more treatment options become available in an increasingly complex global oncology marketplace, it is critical to provide state-of-the-art training solutions to address client-specific needs. Training in oncology needs to be highly scientific, relevant, and focused on constant learning through a strategic and sustainable platform.

“I am incredibly excited to welcome Scott Payton, Ph.D., to our Axiom team,” Ballas says. “Scott will serve as Axiom’s senior VP and Medical Director. Scott brings 16-plus years of expertise in oncology research, medical communications, and training.”

Executives say the addition of Payton to the Axiom team uniquely positions the training agency for growth within oncology and hematology. “My passion has always been in hematology and oncology,” Payton says. “I have been fortunate to have worked on more than 30 oncology brands that are making a difference in the lives of patients with cancer.”