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Services Mix

Professional Advertising    35%
CRM    25%
Managed Markets    20%
DTC/DTP    20%

Note: 40% of the above disciplines is Digital


Client Roster

Hema Biologics
rEVO Biologics
US WorldMeds



Beacon had an exciting year in 2016, with new clients and new additions to its staff – and these new additions have set the agency up for a fast start in 2017, according to its executives.

The Year’s Accomplishments

“The work Beacon has done with Louisville, Ky.-based Hema Biologics stands as a microcosm of the entire year for the agency,” management says. Hema Biologics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on products and services aimed at those with rare bleeding conditions.

“We started working with Hema Biologics at the end of 2015, on a project to help them position their new company” states Larry Lannino, general manager of Beacon. ”Our partnership with them has grown over the course of the year. What started as a positioning assignment turned into a larger relationship.”

Executives say the partnership has seen Beacon not only helping to name the new company while also developing branding and creating its website, but it also led to agency-of-record assignments for their first brand launch, which is scheduled to happen later this year. Beacon has also been working with Hema Biologics’ sister company, US WorldMeds, as agency of record on another brand scheduled to launch later this year. “We’ve been very proud of the way our team has been able to work as one cohesive team with both the Hema Biologics and US WorldMeds teams, and we hope the fruits of those efforts become clear as the year progresses,” Lannino says.

Beacon has also been growing its CRM business, with the agency adding several different clients over the course of the year. Executives say CRM is an area that Beacon is concentrating on 2017, to capitalize on the momentum that started last year.

Structure & Services

Beacon is a full-service agency, offering a range of communications services across professional, patient, and payer audiences, all built around the notion of engagement. Lannino sums it up this way: “We call ourselves ‘Engagement Architects,’ and that’s really how we operate. It’s all about developing deep insights that can lead to deep engagements with our target audiences.”

The types of services offered depend on the client’s needs. “We have clients where we work on professional and payer efforts, and other ones where we’re concentrated on consumer and CRM initiatives for both consumers and physicians,” Lannino says. “So it really depends on what the immediate needs for the brand are.”

Lannino also cites the integration of the interactive and traditional teams as a key development over the past year. “We’ve worked hard to ensure that our clients’ digital and print needs work hand in hand with each other,” he says. “We really need the agency team to be one team, not split in two.”

Beacon has a fully staffed data and analytics department that executives say has a proven record for assessing big data and helping segment target audiences and determining the most impactful messages for a better ROI. “This is a big focus for us in 2017, as we bring the power of data to bear on doing successful work for our clients,” Lannino notes.

“Increasing our creative output for 2017 is a renewed focus for us too,” he adds. To that end, Bill Werbaneth joined the agency as executive creative director last year, after a longtime stint at Grey Healthcare Group. “Bill’s been a great addition to Beacon,” Lannino remarks. “He brings a lot of brand experience and enthusiasm to the team, and he’s helped us attract some top creative talent.”

Future Plans

Over the next year, Beacon plans to continue focusing on smaller to medium-sized clients. “We’ve found that our best fit is with companies that are more closely aligned with our structure,” Lannino explains. “There is a similarity in our worldview that really strengthens the relationship between client and agency.”

Beacon also plans to leverage its data and analytics offering, which executives say differentiates it from some of the other agencies that may be competing for similar business. “Our analytics offering, along with our integrated marketing approach, really sets us apart,” according to Lannino.

“Regarding agency talent, we’ve been successful finding good people who have become disillusioned with the larger networks. There’s a place for those networks, but we’ve found that there are many, many talented people who are ready to spread their wings at an independent shop.”


Beacon has been a long-time supporter of breast cancer awareness, including fundraisers and participation in local walks to raise money for research into the condition. Beacon has additionally been working with the Goryeb Children’s Hospital on promotional activities and will continue to do so during 2017.