Biobeat demonstrates prediction capabilities of its devices in heart failure patients under diuresis


Biobeat demonstrates prediction capabilities of its devices in heart failure patients under diuresis

PETAH TIKVAIsraelJan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Biobeat, a global leader in wearable remote patient monitoring solutions for the healthcare continuum, today announced the publication of clinical data demonstrating that the company’s remote patient monitoring wrist device may be utilized for noninvasive wearable multi-parameter monitoring during diuresis in heart failure (HF) patients. The article titled, “Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring Allows Recognition of Early Response Patterns to Diuresis in Congestive Heart Failure Patients,” was published online on December 21, 2022, in the peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Medicine.

“Currently, heart failure is a heterogeneous syndrome with no clear guidelines for diuretic administration in heart failure patients’ management at home or in ambulatory care. With an acute condition like congestive heart failure, real-time and continuous monitoring of physiological health parameters is essential to effectively tailor treatment and to improve outcomes,” said Prof. Arik Eisenkraft, VP of Clinical and Regulation at Biobeat. “Data collected from Biobeat’s continuous noninvasive wearable multi-parameter monitoring wrist device provides critical insights for clinicians determining the course of treatment and heart failure patient prognosis. This study marks another step toward the implementation of advanced noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring in heart failure patients using Biobeat’s technologies.”

During the study, 11 physiological parameters were continually collected from 29 HF patients during outpatient intravenous diuresis by Biobeat’s photoplethysmography (PPG)-based wrist monitor and automatically transmitted to a cloud-based data storage, with no personal identifiers or any other protected health information (PHI) included. Efficient and organized storing of data on Biobeat’s remote patient monitoring platform allowed clinicians to analyze health parameters in real-time and retrospectively.

“This peer-reviewed manuscript adds to the growing body of clinical evidence demonstrating the successful application of our devices as a reliable clinical solution for clinicians and patients in both at-home and in-hospital settings,” said Arik Ben Ishay, Founder and CEO of Biobeat. “Given these results in combination with other reported data, we are confident that Biobeat’s technologies will pave the way to a future of seamless, personalized patient management across a broad range of conditions.”

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About Biobeat

Biobeat is a med-tech company with unique health-AI capabilities in the patient monitoring space. The company’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) health-AI platform includes a disposable short-term chest-monitor and a long-term wrist-monitor, both of which utilize a photoplethysmography-based (PPG) sensor to continuously provide accurate patient readings of 13 health parameters, including cuffless blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, temperature, stroke volume, cardiac output, one lead ECG (only chest-monitor) and more. Leveraging its automatic, continuous and noninvasive AI based RPM platform, Biobeat has generated the biggest vital-sign database in the world, which it utilizes to identify early deterioration of patients via its proprietary big-data and health-AI tools.

Aggregated patient health data is viewed by medical staff via Biobeat’s secure HIPAA and GDPR compliant cloud-based patient management platform. The platform includes an automated real-time early warning score (EWS) system that incorporates advanced AI-based algorithms to provide alerts on patient health status and potential deterioration. These capabilities allow Biobeat to support medical teams with tailored patient care such as adjustment of therapeutics and early prevention of specific disease exacerbations. Biobeat’s wearable devices are the first to be FDA-Cleared for cuffless non-invasive blood pressure monitoring and are also CE Mark certified. Founded in 2016, Biobeat is headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel.

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