BMS shares how Mindy Kaling-Ted Danson collab reinforces body positivity

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Mindy Kaling, Ted Danson

BMS shares how Mindy Kaling-Ted Danson collab reinforces body positivity

Carlos Dortrait, senior vice president & general manager of U.S. Immunology & Neuroscience at Bristol Myers Squibb, explains the importance of empowering patients and giving them the confidence to speak with doctors so they can seek the treatment they need, in this case for treating plaque psoriasis.

Actress, writer, and producer Mindy Kaling recently joined actor Ted Danson in the BMS “SO, Have You Found It?” campaign (with their video slated to be released soon), which aims to strengthen the voices of U.S. patients living with the condition. Danson has been living with plaque psoriasis for many years and Kaling, who does not have psoriasis, has the role of patient empowerment through self advocacy.

Med Ad News: What challenges do patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis face in learning about their condition, approaching a physician, and seeking treatment?

Carlos Dortrait: Psoriasis is a chronic, systemic, immune-mediated disease that most often manifests as plaque psoriasis. Psoriasis doesn’t just affect the skin — it starts within and can touch many aspects of a person’s life — from dating and work to travel and fashion. Many with plaque psoriasis find themselves altering their lifestyles, sometimes avoiding social situations and personal connections. Sharing personal experiences and treatment goals can help patients set the stage for an open conversation with their doctor. “SO, Have You Found It?” aims to address not just the visible skin symptoms, but also the hidden burden of the condition. Our goal is to inspire patients to talk with their dermatologists to explore treatment options, including Sotyktu, a once daily oral pill to treat moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, and to highlight their strength, their “it” factor, as they navigate their condition.

I encourage those with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis to visit for resources that can help patients discuss Sotyktu and their condition with their dermatologist.

Med Ad News: Can you explain the importance of the role of Mindy Kaling in supporting self-advocacy for patients?

Dortrait: Mindy is known for her inquisitive outlook and empowering others to self-advocate for themselves, including body positivity. Her involvement underscores the message that understanding and support for plaque psoriasis extend beyond personal experience, highlighting a universal journey toward empathy and action.

Med Ad News: What is the goal of the Mindy Kaling-Ted Danson collaboration in the “SO, Have You Found It” campaign?

Dortrait: “SO, Have You Found It?” unites the humor and heart of Ted Danson with self-advocacy championed by Mindy Kaling. By launching this campaign, we aim to empower people with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis to openly discuss their condition and treatment options with their dermatologist, including if a systemic oral treatment, like Sotyktu, may be right for them.