LAS VEGAS, June 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Brainpaths is a BREAKTHROUGH: a Neurological Medical Device that stimulates the sensory cortex of the brain; Brainpaths Medical Device is non-powered, approved for home use and can be purchased without a prescription for under $40. Brainpaths users repeatedly trace textures on the surface of the device to stimulate the somatosensory cortex of the brain (; Registration Number 3010937782.

Never before have designed textures been available in a device that indent into each fingertip to access 3000 mechanoreceptors located under the skin in each fingertip, just like Braille. Brainpaths patent pending device, based on this technology, brings tactile stimulation to a new level, stimulating the brain like never before.

Brainpaths devices are designed for the user to repeatedly trace paths using one or more fingertips, stimulating the users brain by accessing as many of the 3000 mechanoreceptors located under the skin of each fingertip. Brainpaths brings tactile and sensory fingertip stimulation to all ages, providing a method and apparatus to stimulate the brain like never before. Brain Plasticity is the ability of the nervous system to adapt to changed circumstances and find new ways of learning, sometimes after an injury or a stroke, but more commonly when acquiring a skill. Tracing Brainpaths also provides a fine motor skills exercise for motor control and dexterity, involving small muscles in fingers and hands, needed for writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing.

Brainpaths roots are founded in the discovery of Brain Plasticity: the ability of the brain to improve and repair. Findings in Plasticity of the brain set the stage for Brainpaths. Before Brain Plasticity, the brain was thought to be rigid: unable to repair. Brainpaths uses Brain Plasticity research findings in its development and patent.

It is known that repetition forms connections and that with proper stimulation, the synapses become stronger. During use electrical chemicals are sent out that make the connections stronger and more permanent (Brain Development, Karen DeBord, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service). Wiring the brain: “Synapse additions” are not only sensitive to experience, but are actually driven by experience.

It has been recognized that through sensory stimulation and repetitious mind exercises resulting from repetitive finger movement, memory may be increased, cognitive abilities improve, and anxiety, depression and stress released.

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