Calcium Launches Medical Education Division—Vitamin MD

Robust capability answers a growing and important industry trend

Lauren Lazar

February 10, 2022

After 30% growth in 2021, Calcium has announced the launch of Vitamin MD, a new division dedicated to providing leading edge medical education solutions. The division will be led by Lauren Lazar, MD (Executive VP/Medical Director) and Brad Quosig (VP, ClientEngagement Lead), with additional leadership provided by Greg Lewis (Calcium President) and Judy Capano (Calcium CEO).

Brad Quosig

Vitamin MD will focus on providing a critical range of disease state and brand-related educational services that will help providers effectively navigate their learning journeys. The content developed will stimulate engagement around science, agents/compounds, and medical technologies; advance knowledge and skill around different therapeutic approaches; and ultimately improve both health and business outcomes.

According to Dr. Lazar, “medical education should be an integrated ecosystem that’s aligned with core brand strategic imperatives.” Innovative educational approaches can “serve the important needs of both providers and patients, while also delivering the measurable results clients are seeking.”

Greg Lewis

Vitamin MD will offer key educational tools and services designed to meet today’s healthcare needs. These will include a range of offerings from clinical-centric content to KOL engagement initiatives that foster improved HCP/patient conversations. Whatever the specific programs, Vitamin MD will have the ability to optimize content relevance and utility, thereby increasing omnichannel engagement and impact.

According to Calcium President Greg Lewis, “Vitamin MD is well positioned to deliver the timely, responsible, and progressive healthcare education the world profoundly needs.” Medical education will be “an additional form of nourishment Calcium can provide to our clients.”

About Calcium

Calcium is an award-winning, healthcare marketing agency offering a comprehensive range of leading-edge strategic, creative, and engagement capabilities—all focused on delivering robust brand nourishment and business growth for clients.

Calcium itself continues to demonstrate robust growth—both from existing and new clients. The agency also continues to receive “Agency of the Year” recognitions as well as multiple creative awards.

With 138 employees and offices in Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, Calcium is structured to deliver impact and value for a growing range of clients—all while maintaining a nourishing, stimulating, and supportive culture in which the people of Calcium (i.e., Calciumites) can thrive. Please visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.


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