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For Calcium, agency leaders say 2015 was a year truly worth mooing about. In December 2015, CEO Steven Michaelson (former Wishbone founder) and Chief Strategy Officer Judy Capano (former Wishbone partner/owner) finalized the purchase of the agency and its assets from The Star Group. Since August 2015, both Michaelson and Capano, along with Managing Partners Steve Hamburg (chief creative officer and former Wishbone partner) and Garth McCallum-Keeler (general manager) have been in control of the agency. And during that period, the agency has recorded significant growth, fueled in part by a number of important new business assignments.


The year’s accomplishments

In 2015, Calcium became agency of record for United Therapeutics, supporting the marketing for Orenitram (treprostinil), an oral prostacyclin analogue for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Other agency of record wins included the launch of Kamedis Bio-Herbal Dandruff Care, an innovative new OTC dandruff treatment system from the global company Kamedis; and a new product from Interleukin Genetics.

The agency did the corporate rebranding of Cortendo (a company focused on rare diseases in the endocrine space) to Strongbridge Biopharma, which included the launch of a comprehensive new website; corporate branding work for Discovery Labs, a specialty biotechnology company focused on respiratory critical care; and product branding from Churchill Pharma.

Complementing these new business wins has been expanded activity on behalf of current clients, which include Horizon Pharma, Merz, Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Boston Biomedical, CardioNet, and Vigilant Biosciences.

According to agency leaders, new and existing clients have been drawn to Calcium’s efficient, forward-looking, and fully integrated business model, which emphasizes the delivery of core strategic, creative, and tactical services with digital services seamlessly woven in.

Clients have also been drawn to Calcium’s proprietary Growth Process, which is a powerful system for generating the kinds insights, strategies, creative, tactics, and technology solutions that drive businesses powerfully forward – even in this highly challenging and competitive business environment, executives say.

In terms of location, most “Calciumites” are located in downtown Philadelphia, with additional personnel located in New York City and San Francisco. As the agency continues to grow, it anticipates further expanding its New York City space.


Structure and services offered

According to its leaders, Calcium is optimally structured to deliver the various forms of “brand nourishment” clients need in order to grow their businesses. “The Calcium structure is lean, focused, non-bureaucratic, and highly responsive, emphasizing the deployment of precisely the right individuals – and skill sets – to satisfy a wide range of client needs,” executives say. “One hallmark of the Calcium structure is the high degree of senior leadership involvement in client businesses. Calcium believes in utilizing its top talent in this manner because it’s simply the way to deliver the greatest client impact.”

At Calcium, powerful brand nourishment is delivered in the form of powerful insights and ideas in the areas of strategy, creative, science, technology, and tactical programming, agency leaders say. Calcium’s strategic and creative capabilities are particularly robust. They are guided by a passion for clarity and focus (in the strategic realm) and boldness and memorability (in the creative realm). “Above all, in all of its work streams, Calcium seeks to heighten brand engagement – and strengthen customer activation­ – by creating compelling brand experiences that powerfully resonate with people’s lives and needs,” executives say.

Structurally speaking, prior to 2015, Calcium had been the healthcare division of The Star Group, a New Jersey-based advertising and marketing firm. Star ceased operations in June 2015. In August 2015, the Calcium executive leadership team assumed management control. The team comprises Managing Partners Michaelson, Capano, Hamburg, and McCallum-Keeler; Jim Hunter as chief financial officer; Don Feiler as chief technology officer; Karen Beckert as senior VP, director of client services; Kevin Dunn as senior VP, director of consumer engagement, and Lisa Tamborello as chief people officer.

Assessing 2015, CEO Michaelson says, “Although 2015 was an exciting and successful time for us, it didn’t come without its challenges. The team took an important leadership role in optimizing our people and talent and delivering the high caliber of strategy, creative, tactics, and overall service our clients expect. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and maintaining our existing client base and winning new business tells the story.

 “At Calcium, we have all the capabilities in place to develop industry-leading, fully integrated strategic, creative, and digital solutions for our clients. As always, our talent is our strength. By maximizing talent, we can maximize client success. These new business wins, along with our ramped up activities with our existing clients, indicates that Calcium is truly a force to be reckoned with.”


Future plans

Moving forward, executives say Calcium plans to expand its footprint with current clients by generating meaningful (and measurable) success for the brands it currently serves.

Calcium also plans to dramatically expand its field of activity when it comes to new clients. Based on its impressive new business “win rate,” Calcium is encountering tremendous receptivity to its mission of driving client success through the delivery of critical forms of brand nourishment. On the technology front, Calcium is strongly committed to staying on the leading edge with respect to digital platforms and services.

Given its growth mode, Calcium is aggressively seeking talent for all of its offices in Philadelphia, New York City, and San Francisco.



In keeping with its name and its dedication to providing brand “nourishment,” executives say Calcium was honored and pleased in 2015 to provide support for The Great American Milk Drive, an organization dedicated to providing nutritional support for a great many Americans in need.