Carling Communications

2550 5th Avenue, Suite 150

San Diego, CA, 92103

Phone: 619-269-3000

Facsimile: 619-618-1518

E-mail: [email protected]




Account wins                        3

Active business clients       13


Brands by 2015 sales

Brand product accounts held        32

$25 million or less   25

$25 million to $50 million   1

$50 million to $100 million 3

$100 million to $500 million          3


Services Mix

Promotional advertising     90%

Peer to peer  10 %


Client Roster



Alcon Canada


Alcon US


Bausch & Lomb

Merz Pharmaceuticals








Based in the growing pharmaceutical and biotech hub of Southern California, Carling Communications experienced stellar growth in 2015. This allowed the agency to move into a new building in the Banker’s Hill section of San Diego just one block from Balboa Park. The newly renamed Fifth & Laurel building is an iconic landmark that also houses Mister A’s, a rooftop restaurant with sweeping views of America’s Finest City.

The agency’s new 20,660-square-foot office space was designed from the ground up by Gensler architects in order to meet Carling’s evolving needs. An edgy and modern design consists of an open floor plan which was chosen to foster seamless collaboration and inspire creativity. The space maximizes natural light, utilizes energy-efficient fixtures, and eliminated single-use disposable products.


The year’s accomplishments

According to executives, in 2015 Carling Communications took a hard look at what clients face daily regarding the constantly shifting marketplace, strict FDA regulations, and vast competition. “Clients are piloting the course of this ever-changing landscape to realize their unproven ideas,” agency leaders say. “This is something no client should have to do alone.

“As an agency, Carling wants to be mission control – there with clients every step of the way: calculating, assessing, building, constantly innovating, and implementing the best plan in order to reach their goal. Whatever clients are aiming for, those at Carling Communications truly believe that IT CAN BE DONE.”

The Carling team is trained to push harder, see farther, think faster, and be eager to challenge disbelief, executives say, adding, “Carling is agile, adaptable, and always invested in the pursuit of our client’s success.”

Year after year Carling has seen an expanding client roster in the United States and other markets, including Canada and the European Union. “Regardless of the office location or number of clients, Carling Communications always works hard to develop forward-thinking and impactful global communications,” executives say.

In 2015 Carling Communications fostered new relationships and continued to grow and support exciting relationships with a variety of pharmaceutical clients, including Luzu and Cycloset from Valeant Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Zylet, Besivance, and intraocular lens work from Bausch & Lomb; a new uveitis launch from Santen; and a new Radiesse for Hands indication from Merz.


Structure and services

Carling Communications is led by Didi Discar, principal, whose deep history in pharma as a former sales rep, product manager, and agency steward sets the tone of strategic partnership for the agency and its growing client roster. Recently, Discar was a finalist for the 2015 “Women Who Mean Business” awards and finalist for the “Most Admired CEO” award by the San Diego Business Journal.

Discar’s role is bolstered by Randy Adams, executive VP, client strategy, who brings vast pharmaceutical and medical device marketing experience to all clients, as well as Lisa Pecora, chief financial officer, who provides operational and financial structure to the agency.

Jim Haag, executive creative director, has more than 15 years of health care communications creative experience, while Rob Heller, creative director, offers edgy, artistic, on-strategy insights to campaigns aimed at the consumer, patient, and health care professional.

In 2015, Carling Communications welcomed Salma Jutt-Eghbali as executive VP, client strategy. Jutt-Eghbali has 17 years of leadership experience in pharmaceutical marketing, sales, acquisitions, and strategic alliances.

Carling Communications is a full-service health care communications agency  specializing in pharmaceutical advertising, medical education, and meeting services. Executives say the agency has capabilities in both interactive and print materials and is deeply engaged in developing innovative personal and nonpersonal marketing tools.

According to its leaders, the agency lives, serves, and thrives by the Carling Creed: “We believe in a purposeful existence; all things being equal, the journey should be fun; and continuous self-evaluation breeds brilliance.”

In 2015, Carling Communications continued to add strong talent in the copywriting, medical writing, and digital departments, with both interactive front-end and back-end capabilities. 

Agency leaders tout a client survey that determined Carling was rated as one of the most responsive ad agencies in returning calls, emails, and developing content. “This agency always acts as an extension of every client’s marketing team, ensuring maximum, measurable strategic and tactical alignment, impact, and outreach,” executives say.


Future plans

Expansion and diversification of offerings, as well as a continuous sophistication of processes and personnel, is a key focus for Carling in 2016, executives say.

“Overall, Carling Communications is made up of talented people who work hard every day to make significant contributions in the field of health care,” executives say. “Carling is increasingly committed to developing and retaining the best talent in the industry in order to support clients who make a difference in patients’ lives.”



According to agency leaders, Carling Communications fully supports the mission of those organizations that support the U.S. military and service members’ families. Throughout 2015, Carling volunteered to help military families and reached the goal of providing 360 junior enlisted service members with turkeys for Thanksgiving. Carling also volunteered at the Armed Services YMCA Toy Program to build toys, help parents shop, and wrap gifts. “As a San Diego-based company, it’s critical that Carling Communications actively supports the military that sacrifices so much for all Americans,” executives say.