With the push of a button, a perfectly healthy 34-year-old museum-goer named Ugo Dumont was transformed into a confused 85-year-old man with cataracts, glaucoma and a ringing in his ears known as tinnitus. Dumont had volunteered at Liberty Science Center on Tuesday to don a computer-controlled exoskeleton that can be remotely manipulated to debilitate joints, […]

China, already a global powerhouse in high-tech areas from solar panels to bullet trains, is turning its industrial might to the challenge of making more of its own drugs for a vast and aging population.   Given the 10 years or more it typically takes to bring a new medicine to market, original “Made in […]

A variety of new preventive measures to help Japan’s rapidly aging population avoid illness and injury went on display at a medical exposition in the port town of Yokohama. The ME-BYO (pronounced mee-bee-yoh) Japan 2015 conference also sought to promote healthier lifestyles for the elderly. One innovation on display was a smartphone application called Mind […]

Resveratrol Impacts Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarker The largest nationwide clinical trial to study high-dose resveratrol long-term in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease found that a biomarker that declines when the disease progresses was stabilized in people who took the purified form of resveratrol. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound found in foods such as […]

Older adults who value sexual activity and engage in it have better social lives and psychological well-being, according to a small study in Scotland. Older adults said “they miss and want to engage in sexual behaviors, whether that be a kiss to intercourse,” said study coauthor Taylor-Jane Flynn in an email. “For many, these behaviors […]

    New research tracking nearly 1,000 individuals over 38 years found that by measuring 18 biomarkers – everything from liver and lung function to the length of their telomeres – they could measure one’s rate of aging. WSJ’s Sumathi Reddy discusses with Tanya Rivero. Photo: Getty By Sumathi Reddy Sumathi Reddy The Wall Street […]

If You Look Old On The Outside, You’re Probably Old On The Inside An international research team from the US, UK, Israel and New Zealand has found a way to measure the aging process in young adults — a younger population than is usually tested in aging studies. Working with study participants age 26 to […]

Diet That Mimics Fasting Appears To Slow Aging Want to lose abdominal fat, get smarter and live longer? New research led by USC’s Valter Longo shows that periodically adopting a diet that mimics the effects of fasting may yield a wide range of health benefits. In a new study, Longo and his colleagues show that […]