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Novo, Sanofi face off with new diabetes drugs

Rivals Novo Nordisk and Sanofi have won U.S. approval for new combination drugs to treat diabetes, sparking a fresh battle for sales in a fiercely competitive market.

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Novartis Buys U.S. Sickle Cell Drugmaker Selexys

Novartis exercised its option to acquire Selexys Pharmaceuticals based on the SUSTAIN Phase II clinical trial of SelG1, an anti-P-selectin antibody.

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Gilead Myelofibrosis Drug Flops in Phase III

Gilead Sciences announced top-line results from two Phase III clinical trials with mixed results for the Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitor momelotinib.

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Amgen, Novartis aim for big, crowded migraine market after new drug data

Episodic migraine sufferers reported fewer debilitating headaches per month after using Amgen and Novartis’ investigational drug erenumab, compared to trial participants who got a placebo.

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Puma Biotech Crashes After Diarrhea Risk is Linked to Breast Cancer Drug

Puma Biotechnology shares plummeted after the company disclosed patients taking its experimental breast cancer drug neratinib may require a second drug to prevent serious diarrhea.

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Pfizer wins EU approval for Ibrance as Novartis readies rival drug

Pfizer won approval from the European Union for its best-selling breast cancer drug Ibrance, making it the first medicine of its kind to reach the European market.

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Biotech, Pharma Stocks Jump after Trump Victory

The reality of a President-elect Donald Trump has been a shot in the arm for pharma and biotech leaders’ stock prices as they surged in U.S. and European markets.

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Adverse events in trial dent hopes for Roche hemophilia drug

Four patients have suffered serious adverse events in a clinical trial of an experimental hemophilia medicine from Roche, the Swiss group said, clouding prospects for its potential blockbuster product.

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Gilead Racks Up Clinical Failures in Q3 Report

Investors were not particularly happy with Gilead’s Q3 2016 report. In addition to sagging sales and revenue, it outlined a laundry list of failed clinical trials.

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Pfizer Abandons Cholesterol Drug Bococizumab

Pfizer has abandoned its PCSK9 inhibitor program to treat cholesterol. The company is ending its global development of all bococizumab SPIRE Phase III trials.

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