Preliminary data from a study conducted at the University of Oxford indicates that the Covid-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca is effective against the Brazilian variant P1, a source with knowledge of the study told Reuters on March 5.

Sinovac Biotech’s annual production capacity of Covid-19 vaccine can reach 2 billion doses by June, a company spokesman confirmed to Reuters on March 3.

As the world awaits the production and distribution of hundreds of millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines that have been granted emergency use authorization, biopharmaceutical companies and manufacturers are developing the next wave of vaccines and therapeutics to combat the pandemic.

Sinovac Biotech’s Covid-19 vaccine was approved for use by the general public by China’s medical products regulator.

China’s Sinovac Biotech defended the safety and efficacy of the company’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine, after researchers in Brazil released late-stage clinical data showing efficacy that was much lower than initially announced.