Novavax Inc. said vaccine efficacy appeared to be preserved in those receiving an approved influenza vaccine along with the company’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate compared to those receiving its Covid-19 vaccine alone.

Novavax Inc. on June 14 reported late-stage data from the company’s U.S.-based clinical trial showing its vaccine is more than 90 percent effective against Covid-19 across a variety of variants of the virus.

Novavax Inc.’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine showed immune response and protection against the highly contagious coronavirus variant originally identified in South Africa in a clinical trial.

Novavax Inc. said on May 10 the company’s combined flu and Covid-19 vaccine produced functional antibodies against influenza and the coronavirus in a preclinical study.

President Joe Biden on May 5 threw his support behind waiving intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines, bowing to mounting pressure from Democratic lawmakers and more than 100 other countries, but angering pharmaceutical companies. Biden voiced his support for a waiver – a sharp reversal of the previous U.S. position – in remarks to reporters, followed swiftly by a statement from his top trade negotiator, Katherine Tai, who backed negotiations at the World Trade Organization.

Novavax Inc. said on April 5 participants in the company’s Covid-19 vaccine trials in South Africa and the UK can receive additional shots, ensuring those who received a placebo can also get the active vaccine.

EU leaders voiced frustration on March 25 over a massive shortfall in contracted deliveries of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines, as a third wave of infections surged across Europe.

Novavax Inc.’s Covid-19 vaccine was 96 percent effective in preventing cases caused by the original version of the coronavirus in a late-stage trial conducted in the United Kingdom, the company said on March 11, moving it a step closer to regulatory approval.

Novavax Chief Executive Officer Stanley Erck believes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration could grant Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the company’s Covid-19 vaccine by May.

Many health experts believe that the Covid-19 vaccine candidate NVX-CoV237 from Novavax offers potential advantages over competitors including Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca-Oxford.