A U.S. advisory panel recommended approval of a new diabetes drug made by Novo Nordisk A/S that combines two of its existing treatments in a fixed-dose combo.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Google Inc. is stepping closer to developing a device to draw blood for medical testing without needles, Wired reported Monday morning. The Internet giant filed a patent application Dec. 3 on a gas-based system designed to draw blood from a fingertip to be used to test blood sugar levels. According to […]

ORLANDO, Florida, Nov. 10, 2015 — Short bursts of high-intensity exercise improved cholesterol, blood sugar and weight among Type 2 diabetes patients more than 30 minutes of sustained, lower-intensity exercise, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2015. Researchers found that after three months of high-intensity exercise in 10-minute bursts done […]

The Novo Nordisk diabetes drug Victoza failed to improve clinical stability or delay death in patients suffering from advanced heart failure, researchers reported at a medical meeting on Sunday. The injectable drug, known chemically as liraglutide, was tested in 300 patients with and without type 2 diabetes who had advanced heart failure and a recent […]

Drug developer Zosano Pharma Corp said a mid-stage study testing its experimental patch to treat low blood sugar met the main goal. The company said the patch, ZP-Glucagon, normalized blood sugar in all the patients who received it. ZP-Glucagon is the lead treatment that Zosano is developing. The company is also developing a therapy for […]

(Reuters Health) – Weight loss surgery may be a cost-effective way of lowering blood sugar for many diabetics, not just those who are severely obese, a Swedish study suggests.   Researchers found that for people with diabetes, total healthcare costs did not rise in the years following weight-loss surgery, largely because of overall savings from […]

Analysts are confident the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will soon approve Novo Nordisk’s new long-lasting insulin drug Tresiba — just as they were before the drug was first rebuffed two years ago. Tresiba is considered as a future blockbuster for the Danish company, the Nordic region’s most valuable, but the U.S. regulator asked […]

(Reuters Health) – Diabetes affects up to 14 percent of the U.S. population – an increase from nearly 10 percent in the early 1990s – yet over a third of cases still go undiagnosed, according to a new analysis. Screening seems to be catching more cases, accounting for the general rise over two decades, the […]

Compared to other kinds of fat, extra virgin olive oil may have healthier effects on levels of blood sugar and bad cholesterol after meals, according to an Italian study. That may explain why a traditional Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil is linked to lower risk of cardiovascular disease, researchers say. “Lowering (post-meal) blood glucose […]

If you can find time to stand at your desk every day, a new study says it dramatically improve your health. According to study leader Dr Genevieve Healy, senior research fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia: “We found that time spent standing rather than sitting was significantly associated with lower levels of blood sugar […]