Elizabeth Holmes is facing decades in prison after a jury found the founder and former chief executive officer of the blood-testing company Theranos guilty of four fraud charges.

After seven days on the witness stand, Elizabeth Holmes – the former chief executive officer of Theranos – finished testifying in her defense against charges of massive fraud. 

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes denied making misleading statements about the blood-testing startup during cross-examination on December 7, as her testimony in defense against fraud charges neared its end.

One week after a retired Pfizer scientist testified that Theranos inappropriately used the pharma giant’s company logo in marketing materials sent to Walgreens, suggesting its participation in research, a second researcher from a different company made a similar claim.

After a year-long delay due to Covid-19, Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes headed to court on Sept. 8 to face multiple criminal fraud charges that could land the former billionaire in prison for more than a decade.

Elizabeth Holmes is set to go to trial in March 2021 after a last-ditch effort to throw out the pending criminal charges against her failed

A federal judge dismissed some of the criminal charges Elizabeth Holmes is facing.