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Allogene, Stanford to Develop Better CAR-T Therapies

Allogene Therapeutics inked a research collaboration deal with Stanford University to work on a novel nucleic acid delivery system for CAR-T therapy.

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Novartis Offers Online Educational Programs to All Employees Via Coursera

Novartis announced a collaboration with online learning platform Coursera to offer educational programs to the company’s staff.

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AstraZeneca Bolsters Machine Learning for Drug Development with Schrödinger Deal

AstraZeneca struck a deal to use Schrödinger’s advanced computing platform to help accelerate drug discovery efforts.

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Novartis Inks Collaboration & Option Deal with IFM Due

IFM Therapeutics subsidiary IFM Due and Novartis will develop a group of immunotherapies that inhibit the cGAS/STING pathway to treat a broad range of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

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AbbVie Enters Immuno-Oncology Deal with Idera

Idera Pharmaceuticals announced an immuno-oncology collaboration with AbbVie to evaluate a combination therapy aimed at stimulating the immune system to create an anti-tumor response.

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Arbitration panel rules in favor of Lilly in complaint filed by Adocia

A Chicago-based arbitration panel ruled in favor of Eli Lilly and Company in a claim filed by Adocia S.A. over the companies’ prior collaboration on a rapid-acting insulin.

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CureVac and Yale Team Up for mRNA-Based Lung Therapies

Tubingen, Germany-based CureVac entered a collaboration research agreement with Yale University to focus on lung therapies.

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Harvard, Merck Collaboration Aims to Discover New Immuno-oncology Targets

Harvard University and Merck launched a collaboration that will provide significant research funding for up to four years to support immuno-oncology research led by Arlene Sharpe, MD, PhD, at Harvard Medical School (HMS).

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GSK ends development of Ebola vaccine, hands work to U.S. institute

GlaxoSmithKline transferred the company’s work on developing three potential vaccines against the Ebola and Marburg viruses.

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Syapse Announces Collaboration with Pfizer in Oncology Precision Medicine Focused on Outcomes Research Using Real-World Evidence

Syapse, which accelerates precision medicine through insights derived from the company’s global health system network, announced a strategic collaboration with Pfizer Inc. to advance cancer outcomes research using real-world evidence toward the ultimate goal of improving patient health.

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