United Therapeutics Corporation announced that the company is pursuing additional claims for trade secret misappropriation against Liquidia Technologies Inc. and a former United Therapeutics employee who later joined Liquidia as an executive.

A legal complaint was filed against Alvotech for the Icelandic pharmaceutical company’s alleged misappropriation of trade secrets involving the development of a generic version of AbbVie’s rheumatoid arthritis drug Humira.

Illinois-based Abbott is suing their former VP Jerome Clavel over allegations of trade secret theft with intent to share with his new employer, rival diagnostics company Bio-Rad.  

Nearly one year after charges were filed against former Genentech employees accused of stealing trade secrets to benefit Taiwan-based biosimilar drugmaker JHL Biotech, the two companies reached an agreement over the ill-gotten intellectual property – destruction.

UnitedHealth Group’s Optum unit is suing David Smith, a former information technology executive, for breach of contract.

A second former GlaxoSmithKline scientist pled guilty to stealing trade secrets as part of a scheme to benefit a startup China-based pharmaceutical company he helped establish.

Bay Area’s AllCells LLC has filed a lawsuit against two former employees alleging they used confidential trade secrets to launch startup Cepheus Biosciences.