Ex-GlaxoSmithKline researcher Lucy Xi pled guilty to conspiracy to steal trade secrets from her former company to help a rival firm launch a business in China.

Racho Jordanov and Rose Lin, the septuagenarian co-founders of Taiwanese biotech company JHL Biotech, were convicted Aug. 26 of conspiring to steal trade secrets related to four Genentech (Roche) blockbuster cancer and cystic-fibrosis drugs. The pair were also found guilty of wire fraud.

Two former executives of Taiwan-based JHL Biotech were indicted on charges of orchestrating the theft of trade secrets from Genentech. The U.S. government also charged the former chief executive officer and chief operating officer of that company with wire fraud and money laundering. 

United Therapeutics Corporation announced that the company is pursuing additional claims for trade secret misappropriation against Liquidia Technologies Inc. and a former United Therapeutics employee who later joined Liquidia as an executive.

A legal complaint was filed against Alvotech for the Icelandic pharmaceutical company’s alleged misappropriation of trade secrets involving the development of a generic version of AbbVie’s rheumatoid arthritis drug Humira.

Illinois-based Abbott is suing their former VP Jerome Clavel over allegations of trade secret theft with intent to share with his new employer, rival diagnostics company Bio-Rad.  

Nearly one year after charges were filed against former Genentech employees accused of stealing trade secrets to benefit Taiwan-based biosimilar drugmaker JHL Biotech, the two companies reached an agreement over the ill-gotten intellectual property – destruction.

UnitedHealth Group’s Optum unit is suing David Smith, a former information technology executive, for breach of contract.

A second former GlaxoSmithKline scientist pled guilty to stealing trade secrets as part of a scheme to benefit a startup China-based pharmaceutical company he helped establish.

Bay Area’s AllCells LLC has filed a lawsuit against two former employees alleging they used confidential trade secrets to launch startup Cepheus Biosciences.