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Cellectis Publishes Creation of “Smart CAR T-Cells” for Potentially Safer, More Effective Treatments for Cancer

Cellectis announced a paper published in Nature Communications that describes a proof-of-concept for rewiring the cell pathway to create highly intelligent T-cells that can recognize cancerous tumors and cause a micro secretion of therapeutic proteins onto these tumors, which ultimately reshapes the tumor microenvironment and improves the T-cells ability to fight cancer.

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Breast Cancer: Steady Progress Being Made in New Treatments

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BioSpace gathered examples of recent breakthroughs in breast cancer treatment.

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New System Hunts Down Cancer Cells that Hide from Immunotherapies

Yale University researchers developed a new system dubbed Multiplexed Activation of Endogenous Genes as Immunotherapy (MAEGI) that hunts down cancer cells.

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Tocagen Cuts 65 Percent of Employees

Less than a month after the company’s Phase III brain cancer treatment failed, San Diego-based Tocagen is undergoing a restructuring and will reduce the employee workforce by 65 percent.

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Adicet Bio raises $80 million to develop cancer cell therapies

Adicet Bio Inc., a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of cancer therapies using gamma delta T cells, raised $80 million in private funding.

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AstraZeneca strengthens Lynparza push with prostate cancer data

AstraZeneca presented results for a late-stage clinical trial of Lynparza against prostate cancer, which the company hopes could lead to wider regulatory approval for more forms of the disease.

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Are Drugmakers Going After the Right Targets in Cancer Cells?

Researchers from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York discovered that certain proteins believed essential for the survival of cancer cells – the same proteins that many drugmakers have been targeting – may not be as important after all.

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Amgen drug shrinks lung cancer tumors in half of patients: study

An experimental Amgen Inc. drug that targets a specific genetic mutation reduced tumor size in around half of advanced lung cancer patients given the highest dose in a small, early-stage trial.

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Combination Drug Shows Efficacy in Tough-to-Treat Blood Cancer

Researchers may have found a solution to treating a bone marrow cancer proven to be resistant to several standard therapies.

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FDA Approves NovoTTF-100L for Mesothelioma Therapy

The NovoTTF-100L therapy has become an FDA-approved therapy that is helping improve the lives of mesothelioma patients.

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