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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Medical affairs in the digital age

Evidenced by the move to measure and reimburse providers based on the quality, as opposed to the quantity, of care delivered, the healthcare industry is shifting from a fee-for-service to an outcomes or value-based model.

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Novartis to Launch Innovation Labs Across the Globe, Including Silicon Valley

To spur innovation and bolster ties with tech giants, Swiss pharma giant Novartis plans to set up innovation labs across the globe to partner with these companies to spur the development of new therapies.

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Consumer/Patient Experience Special Feature: Masters Of The Pharma Universe: 4 Databases Every Digital Marketer Must Know

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. senior business decision-makers rank big data/analytics first among the technologies necessary for enhancing the customer experience. A similar number put “improving data analysis capabilities” at the top of their priorities.

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Consumer perceptions of pharma: Behind the numbers

Innoplexus CEO Gunjan Bhardwaj responded to questions from Med Ad News about his company’s study of consumer perceptions of the pharma industry.

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Israel to launch Big Data health project

Israel will invest nearly 1 billion shekels ($287 million) in a project to make data about the state of health of its population available to researchers and private companies, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

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Top Trends Impacting Biopharma Innovation Strategy in 2018

The biopharma industry is perceived to be at a turning point, where companies have the opportunity to meaningfully adapt their innovation strategy and take advantage of major technological advances and new therapeutic modalities.

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Roche buys diabetes app firm

Roche bought Vienna-based diabetes management platform mySugr, joining a crowd of companies expanding app-based digital health services.

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tranSMART Foundation Teams With IBM to Bring Translational Medicine Data to Scientists, Merges With I2B2

Biotech researchers looking to harness the power of big data could have an easier time with the new partnership between IBM and the tranSMART Foundation, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization founded in 2012 with a goal of providing a platform to share pre-competitive data for use in designing transformational medicines.

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Mo’ Data, Mo’ Insights

If “some” data helps life sciences firms develop insights to improve their businesses, having access to Big Data from multiple sources should lead to many more and much better insights. But more often than not, access to more data is having the opposite effect.

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OCHWW Launches the Ogilvy CommonHealth Marketing Cloud

Redefines data-driven marketing services for the life sciences industry; partnership with Medikly further expands the network’s insight-driven client offerings

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