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Healthier meals do cost families more

Shopping for healthier groceries, like whole wheat bread instead of white bread and lean meat instead of fattier cuts, would cost a family of four about $1,500 more a year at their regular stores, according to a new U.S. study. The small survey focused on 23 families of children with type 1 diabetes. Parents are […]

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Novo Nordisk A/S Walks Away From GLP-1 Patch Zosano Pharma Inc. Pact

Novo Nordisk (NVO) is terminating its 18 month partnership with Zosano Pharma Corporation to use that company’s micro-needle application to deliver glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analogues for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The termination of the collaboration, which had the potential to generate more than $115 million in revenue, was announced this morning. Novo Nordisk […]

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In Fighting Diabetes, Surgery Said Better Than Diet, Exercise

A growing body of evidence suggests that weight-loss surgery is more effective than diet and exercise at getting rid of Type 2 diabet A small but rigorous randomized trial published Wednesday in JAMA Surgery provides the latest evidence showing the superiority of bariatric surgery over lifestyle changes in resolving the chronic condition involving high blood […]

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Novo Nordisk to end German sales of new insulin drug after price row

Denmark’s Novo Nordisk, the world’s biggest insulin producer, is to stop selling its new long-acting insulin drug Tresiba in Germany following a row over pricing. The decision is the latest example of tensions between drugmakers and healthcare providers, many of whom are unhappy about the high cost of modern medicines. Novo said on Wednesday it […]

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Half of heart disease deaths due to preventable factors

In the U.S., preventable risk factors still account for 50 percent of deaths from cardiovascular disease among adults age 45 to 79, according to a new analysis. But even if every state brought levels of those risk factors – such as obesity and smoking – down to the best level any state has so far […]

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Few people heading toward diabetes know it

Only about one in eight people with so-called pre-diabetes, often a precursor to full-blown disease, know they have a problem, a U.S. study found. Lacking awareness, people with the elevated blood sugar levels were also less likely to make lifestyle changes such as getting more exercise or eating less sugary food that might prevent them […]

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Vitae-Boehringer diabetes drug fails as add-on therapy in trial

Vitae Pharmaceuticals Inc said its drug to treat type 2 diabetes in overweight patients did not meet its main goal in a mid-stage study testing it as an add-on therapy. The drug, being co-developed with German drugmaker Boehringer Ingelheim, was tested as an add-on therapy to metformin, a commonly prescribed diabetes drug. The blood sugar […]

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Mom’s diabetes control in pregnancy may affect kids’ brains

For pregnant women with type 1 diabetes, good control of blood sugar might make a difference in how well their child does in school years later, according to new research from Denmark. Overall, children born to mothers with type 1 diabetes achieved similar grades in primary school when compared to other children, the study found, […]

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Body’s response to injury and inflammation may hinder wound healing in diabetes

BOSTON, June 15, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — One of the body’s own tools for preventing wound infections may actually interfere with wound healing, according to new research from Boston Children’s Hospital. In a study published online in Nature Medicine, scientists from the hospital’s Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine (PCMM) found they could speed up wound healing […]

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Johnson & Johnson Strikes 17 New Pacts to Battle Diabetes, Other Diseases

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Announces 17 Collaborations With Focus on Advancing Global Healthcare Through Transformational Science and Technologies NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., June 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Johnson & Johnson Innovation today announced 17 new collaborations with research institutions and healthcare companies, bringing the total number of collaborations formed since the 2013 launch of Johnson & Johnson […]

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