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U.S. doctor group calls for ban on drug advertising to consumers

The American Medical Association on Tuesday called for a ban on advertising prescription drugs and medical devices directly to consumers, saying the ads drive patients to demand expensive treatments over less costly ones that are also effective. The influential doctors’ group said the new policy reflects physicians’ concerns that marketing spending on a proliferation of […]

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Direct-to-consumer company tests FDA’s resolve on gene testing

Just as 23andMe has made peace with the US Food and Drug Administration, another direct-to-consumer genetics company is testing the regulatory waters with the launch of a $249 DNA test designed to predict drug response. The test, from tiny startup DNA4Life based in Mandeville, Louisiana, comes in the wake of 23andMe’s two-year tussle with the […]

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23andMe launches new consumer test service to check for genetic disorders

Genetics company 23andMe announced the launch of a new consumer genetic test service on Wednesday that will show whether an individual carries genes associated with 36 different disorders, such as cystic fibrosis. The launch is a major step for the company, which in 2013 was ordered by the Food and Drug Administration to stop selling […]

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Bayer defeats FTC in dietary supplement contempt case

Bayer AG prevailed in a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission that accused the drugmaker’s U.S. unit of making unsubstantiated claims about a dietary supplement marketed to promote digestion. In an order made public on Friday, U.S. District Judge Jose Linares in Newark, New Jersey refused to hold Bayer Corp in contempt for […]

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A real-life experiment in brand communications By Dave Sonderman, executive creative director of GSW Worldwide, an inVentiv Health company.   If other brands communicated with customers the way healthcare brands do, how many customers would they have? Or lose? More than 90 million Americans fail to act on important health information each year due […]

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FCB Health’s Kerydin campaign aims at “toe tucking”

When Harrison and Star’s DTC spot for Jublia, the first topical prescription treatment for toenail fungus, aired during the Super Bowl, it immediately started a buzz. This week, the campaign for Kerydin, Jublia’s direct competitor launched, and rather than go the route of the pugnacious boxing big toe, agency FCB Health went for a more […]

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Right Place, Right Time: How Health Care and Wellness Companies Are Capitalizing on the Rapidly Growing Point of Care Communication Channel

Point of care (POC) communications, a historically small piece of the consumer-facing communications mix for health and wellness vendors in the U.S. represents a growing opportunity for brands to reach patients and caregivers in settings where they are especially focused on their health and wellness: at the doctor’s office, pharmacy and hospital.

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DTC Special Feature: Direct to human

The impact of Viagra’s most recent DTC campaign has brand managers talking about the “humanity” of their communications.   It is sometimes easy to forget that the audience at the other end of pharmaceutical brands’ direct to consumer communications consists of ordinary humans. For all the new technologies and channels at hand today, brand managers […]

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Kaiser Permanente Reveals TV Ads Featuring Stephen Curry as Latest Game Plan in Partnership with NBA

OAKLAND, Calif., April 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to connect with individuals and create stronger, healthier communities, Kaiser Permanente is debuting two new television advertisements as part of its partnership with the National Basketball Association. The advertisements, the first of which will air on Saturday, April 18, will coincide with the start of the […]

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Treato Finds That 30% of Consumers Take Action After Viewing Prescription Ads

77% of Respondents Would Like Erectile Dysfunction Ads to Air Later or Not at All   PRINCETON, New Jersey and OR YEHUDA, Israel, April 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — According to a new survey by, nearly 30% of consumers have been prompted into action by direct to consumer (DTC) advertising for an Rx (prescription) medication.  As healthcare marketers gather […]

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