Hospitals that switch from paper to electronic health records may eventually see lower death rates than they had before, but a U.S. study also suggests that fatalities may first increase as the transition gets underway.

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. senior business decision-makers rank big data/analytics first among the technologies necessary for enhancing the customer experience. A similar number put “improving data analysis capabilities” at the top of their priorities.

A very high percentage of Prior Authorization (PA) requests are approved…but about 40% of these prescriptions are abandoned during the PA process, around 74.4 million prescriptions a year.

CVS Health and Cleveland Clinic expanded their eight-year clinical affiliation to enhance access to care for patients throughout Northeast Ohio and Florida, and improve quality, coordinated delivery of care, and health outcomes for patients.

Physicians require three views of a given pharma ad in order to ensure recall, according to a survey by SSCG Media Group.

A new study of physicians and health plan executives reveals some progress toward achieving value-based care, but indicates health information technology, such as electronic health records (EHRs) are still not bridging many critical gaps.

  SSCG Media Group Study Finds “Rule of Three” is Most Effective in Reaching Physicians with Pharma Advertising     NEW YORK, March 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — How can pharma advertisers best engage physicians? A leading pharma-focused media company went straight to the source to find out that the answer is the “Rule of Three.”  Today, […]

Lurking behind all the sound and fury in the political realm, 2017 is bringing new opportunities to marketers that have nothing at all to do with orange hair. A whole generation of technologies are growing to maturity together – predictive targeting, virtual reality, behavioral science, interactive video, big data, and more – all of which are transforming the ways in which brands can communicate with their audiences. But of course politics will matter too in this Year One of the Trump administration, as the continuing debate over drug pricing and the impact of the new president’s policies on the pharma industry remain very much up in the ai

Over 150 industry members joined together at the 2016 PoC3 Summit – a unique annual gathering focused on how the changing climate of healthcare is precipitating a fundamental shift in health-related communications. Hosted by the Point of Care Communication Council, the event was attended by pharmaceutical marketers, agency executives, media and tech companies, and research firms.

There are 3 key facts life sciences companies need to know about real-time or near real-time medical claims data to support timely business decision-making.