Join this webinar session for case study examples that demonstrate how innovative pharma marketers are utilizing social networks as a force for good to cultivate lasting consumer relationships and improve patient outcomes. Learn what’s working – and what pitfalls to avoid – in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The coronavirus pandemic has gripped the world, leaving everyone scrambling to adjust. The main practice adopted to get through this new normal, social distancing, has impressed upon us all the need for an unprecedented shift in the way we live our lives. As companies and their workforces get accustomed to working during this public health crisis, there can be bumps, hiccups, and concerns about just how we’ll continue doing the important work we do.

Ed Mitzen, founder of national full-service health and wellness marketing agency Fingerpaint, announced the publication of “More Than a Number: The Power of Empathy and Philanthropy in Driving Ad Agency Performance” with ForbesBooks, the exclusive book publishing imprint of Forbes Media.