If, as Swift said, vision is the art of seeing what others don’t, the computers are winning. As computers get more human-like, technologists are teaching computers to see and understand […]

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute project say that the number of breast cancer cases will rise 50% to 441,000 cases a year, according to research presented at the annual […]

According to the Health Department in New York City, over 120 persons made trips to the emergency department over the past week as a result of adverse effects or reactions […]

Five Days Of Eating Fatty Foods Can Alter How Your Body’s Muscle Processes Food BLACKSBURG, Va., April 13, 2015 – You might think that you can get away with eating […]

(Reuters Health) – Losing weight in middle age may mean losing not just unwanted fat, but also precious bone density, at least for women, a new U.S. study suggests.   […]