Habit and red tape are not sufficient excuses for life sciences organizations to keep doing things the way they always have.

U.S. Republicans cleared the first hurdle in their plan for the massive healthcare system overhaul backed by President Donald Trump, despite concerns among Democratic lawmakers, hospitals and insurers about its unknown costs and impact on coverage.

President Donald Trump backed a draft U.S. House of Reps’ Republican bill to repeal and replace the Obamacare healthcare law that is open to negotiation.

President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress said they will unveil plans to repeal and replace Obamacare, providing a timeframe for a legislative goal they have struggled with for weeks.

Medical startups must successfully mix entrepreneurial knowledge, a STEM-steeped education, and real-life experience to have the type of lasting impact they desire.

Tim Price was tapped as Secretary of Health and Human Services and Seema Verna will helm the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services per Senate approval.

The President-Elect Donald Trump Administration has a new website and has updated – sort of – Trump’s intended policies for healthcare and biopharma.

The average premium for benchmark 2017 Obamacare insurance plans sold on Healthcare.gov rose 25 percent compared with 2016, the U.S. government said, the biggest increase since the insurance first went on sale in 2013 for the following year.

President Obama urged U.S. insurers offering coverage for 2017 under his national healthcare law to step up their efforts to enroll younger and healthier Americans.

After two years of judging this show, it was interesting and comparatively relaxing to be an attendee at this year’s Lions Health.