AstraZeneca Plc has begun enrolling adults for a U.S.-funded, 30,000-subject late-stage study of the company’s high-profile Covid-19 vaccine candidate.

Dr. Brian Patel, Chief of Emergency Medicine at Sturdy Memorial Hospital, and Deborah Jean Parsons, Ph.D. Director of Integrated Care at Aspire Health Alliance, share actionable best practices for developing better community partnerships to support patients struggling with complex comorbid physical, behavioral, mental, and SDOH challenges.

Caring for patients with complex physical, behavioral, and mental health conditions requires a community effort—especially when those patients also face social determinants of health. Learn how communities are working together to achieve over 100% growth in patient engagement and a 78% reduction in ED utilization through care collaboration.

The U.S. FDA gave Nabriva Therapeutics a thumbs-up for the company’s oral and intravenous formulations of Xenleta (lefamulin) to treat community-acquired bacterial pneumonia in adults.