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Prior dengue infection may protect against Zika: study

Prior infection with dengue, a mosquito-borne disease that infects nearly 400 million people a year, could reduce the risk of contracting Zika nearly by half, U.S. and Brazilian researchers reported.

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Takeda dengue vaccine meets main study goal of trial

Takeda Pharmaceutical’s experimental dengue vaccine appears to be safe and effective at preventing all four types of the mosquito-borne disease, meeting the main goal of a late-stage clinical trial.

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WHO confirms case of yellow fever in Netherlands, says risk low

A case of yellow fever – an acute and contagious mosquito-borne viral disease – was reported in a man in the Netherlands who recently traveled to Gambia and Senegal, the World Health Organization said.

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Takeda’s Zika vaccine gets U.S. FDA’s ‘fast track’ status

Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. said on Monday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted ‘fast track’ status to its vaccine for the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

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Sanofi pins hopes on new drugs after setbacks

Sanofi management expressed confidence that the company’s pipeline of new products will support long-term growth.

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Philippines to seek refund of $59 million from Sanofi amid vaccine risk

The Philippines will seek the return of 3 billion pesos ($59 million) it paid French drugmaker Sanofi for a dengue vaccine used to immunize hundreds of thousands of children that Sanofi has said could worsen the disease in some cases.

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Philippines halts sale of dengue vaccine as Sanofi downplays riskd

The Philippines has ordered French drugmaker Sanofi to stop the sale, distribution and marketing of its Dengvaxia dengue vaccine in the country.

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Trial results of Zika vaccine Sanofi dropped show promise

A Zika vaccine Sanofi SA dropped during September 2017 under political pressure over pricing produced strong responses in more than 90 percent of those taking part in an early-stage clinical trial, U.S. researchers reported.

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Philippines orders probe into Sanofi dengue vaccine for 730,000 children

The Philippines ordered a probe on Monday into the immunization of more than 730,000 children with a vaccine for dengue that has been suspended following an announcement by the French drug company Sanofi that it could worsen the disease in some cases.

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Sanofi ends development of C. difficile vaccine

Sanofi SA ended development of an experimental vaccine for Clostridium difficile infection.

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