The age of blockbuster drugs has officially given way to precision medicines that are customized for rare diseases and individual patients. We are in the early days of a decades-long trend that will influence changes throughout the entire life sciences industry and lead to groundbreaking cures and treatments. These new innovations are becoming the […]

CMI/Compas created a Growth & Innovation practice that is expected to keep clients ahead of the curve by prioritizing and investing in innovation.

CMI/Compas – media strategy, planning, innovation and buying for the nation’s top healthcare companies and part of WPP – has created a Growth & Innovation practice to keep clients ahead of the curve by prioritizing and investing in innovation.

What will top the agenda of new U.S. FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn?

In light of the Thanksgiving season, here are six things about biopharma that the industry is thankful for.

AstraZeneca is significantly expanding the company’s footprint in China with the establishment of a global R&D center and launch of a $1 billion fund aimed at supporting that nation’s healthcare sector.

Innovations in diabetes care go beyond new therapeutic classes. Pharmaceutical companies are continuing to invest in new technology to help improve diabetes treatment and patient adherence with progress ranging from artificial pancreases to smart insulin pens and pumps.

With a technology like VR, arguably even more so than in live settings, we can readily tap into multiple learning styles by integrating different types of media into a single experience.

The United States pays more per capita for prescription drugs than any other country in the world, which is a huge concern for patients and insurance providers.