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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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2016 Annual Report: Healthcare Communications Agencies Overview – In Good Health

Long-established healthcare communications agencies in 2015 saw their businesses expand, and relative newcomers continued to find their stride.

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Notes & Methodology: 2016

To qualify for this annual report, agencies must have the capabilities to develop marketing strategies that target healthcare professionals (physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, etc.), and/or consumers, and/or patients, and/or stakeholders such as managed market payors. Marketing strategies include the capability to create and place advertisements. Agencies profiled in this magazine must have a significant […]

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Agency + Network Structure Listing: 2016

Holding companies/networks and their healthcare communications agencies   The Access Group is the parent company for MedAccess of San Diego, Alliance Data Systems is the parent company of Epsilon of Irving, Texas, Cello Group plc is the parent company for Cello Health of Yardley, Pa., Cognizant is the parent company of Cadient […]

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DTC advertising becoming a hot political and medical topic

Medical marketing – especially direct-to-consumer advertising – is a politically hot issue these days and the elections are drawing near.

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Industry Person of the Year: Ed Mitzen

  Ed Mitzen has successfully launched three different healthcare marketing companies totaling more than $300 million in combined revenue. His current company, Fingerpaint, is a full-service marketing agency with 135 employees, three locations and nearly $30 million in annual revenue. Breaking from the typical ad agency paradigm, Ed launched this employee-owned company with the mantra, […]

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AbelsonTaylor: 2016

Never has AbelsonTaylor seen such an avalanche of new business and new brands as it did in 2015.

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The Access Group: 2016

According to Access Group CEO Eric Bishea, 2015 was one of the most successful years in the network’s history.

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AgencyRx: 2016

According to executives at AgencyRx, 2015 was a year of momentous, positive evolution.

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Area 23: 2016

Over the years, Area 23 has built a name on its courage to challenge the status quo, its relentless drive to stay ahead of the curve, and its track record of pushing clients out of their comfort zone and into the spotlight. And 2015 was no different.

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Biolumina Group LLC: 2016

2015 was a big year for Biolumina, according to agency leaders.

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