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Beacon Healthcare Communications: 2019

Change is in the air at Beacon. “With a new logo, a new agency promotion campaign, a renewed focus on data, and new offices, Beacon has a bright new outlook on the year ahead,” agency management says.

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Biolumina Group: 2019

Curiosity is at the heart of Biolumina and the success that the agency continues to achieve with its brands, clients and employees. Cultivating curiosity at all levels of the agency encourages everyone to think more deeply and develop more creative solutions, agency management says. “Curiosity builds intelligence, creativity, and empathy, which help fuel our ability to tell powerful and compelling brand stories,” according to Kirsten A. Kantak, President and CEO of Biolumina.

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The Bloc: 2019

“Looking back on 2018, we believe it was among the most pivotal years in our history,” say leaders at The Bloc. “After experiencing a series of challenges that tested our mettle in 2017, we made significant changes in management and strategy that took root and gained momentum over the course of 2018. With an 82 percent win rate across organic and new business opportunities, last year’s success set the agency on an unprecedented trajectory as we entered 2019.”

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The BlocPartners: 2019

“Fifteen years ago, we turned the concept of a multinational network model on its head when we established a global network that is member owned and operated,” say the leaders of The BlocPartners. “Today, though imitated by many, our network continues to differentiate itself through our world-class talent, the services we offer, and the geographies we serve. Through a multilocal model, The BlocPartners flexes and collaborates across international boundaries to overcome every kind of barrier and deliver evidence-based, locally sourced, and globally effective solutions. We are a network of shared values and common purpose: to be greater together in our mission to do good.”

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BMKD Health: 2019

According to the agency’s leaders, BMKD Health has a contemporary perspective on healthcare communication and takes pride in understanding how people interact with it.

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Brick City Greenhouse: 2019

“When we founded Brick City Greenhouse in 2015, we were motivated by the idea that the agency-client relationship should be more than transactional,” agency leaders say. “Many of us came from large holding company agencies and saw firsthand how bottom lines were a bigger driver of agency behavior than doing what’s right for brands. We wanted to change this and create an agency model that was truly focused, not just in words, on bringing out the best in brands and in the people that serve them.”

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BullsEye Healthcare: 2019

BullsEye Healthcare LLC celebrates the agency’s 12th year in business during 2019. BullsEye remains an independent, full-service communication company that focuses on finding insights and ideas and providing innovative strategic thinking for its clients, agency executives say.

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Butler/Till Health Group: 2019

According to the agency’s leaders, Butler/Till Health Group is one of the country’s leading independent, women-owned, employee-owned media and communications agencies. “Leveraging the deep healthcare expertise we’ve been developing since 1998, we are uniquely positioned to make media work smarter for our clients,” BTHG executives say.

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Calcium: 2019

“We lost more business than ever in 2018… yet had our best year ever!” says Steven Michaelson, Calcium’s founder and CEO. “Henry Ford said, ‘When everything seems against you, remember airplanes take off against the wind, not with it.’ And that is exactly what the Calcium team did when our biggest client, representing about $8 million in fee (over one-third of our business), walked out the door in the middle of the first quarter.”

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Carling Communications: 2019

Watching Carling Communications evolve during 2018 was like watching a time-lapse video on fast forward, agency management says. “At the year’s opening, the agency had established its hub in London and been a part of the Fishawack Group of Companies for only six months,” Carling executives say. “Since then, the modest San Diego shop-that-could has transformed itself into a premier global presence that does.”

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