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Entrée Health New York: 2019

Market access decisions are having an increasing impact on pharma marketing success, and Entrée Health New York started 2019 even more ready to help, according to its management team. Agency leaders Randi Baerson (Executive VP, Director of Client Service) and Megan Hall (Executive VP, Creative Director) were recently joined by Tony Gibson (Executive VP, Director of Payer Strategy).

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Entrée Health Princeton: 2019

According to the agency’s executives, in retrospect, January 2018 was a critical turning point in the maturing of Entrée Health Princeton. As Cora Meese, executive VP, client services director, describes it, “This was the beginning of our fifth year. We had no intention of spending any more time as ‘the best market access spin-off shop’ in the business. Instead, we set out to take a major leap forward by questioning everything.”

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Anchored to the Latin word “sana” for healthy and “ever” for continual evolution, management says EVERSANA lives up to its name as the leading independent provider of global services to the life science industry. “The company’s integrated solutions are grounded in the patient experience and span all stages of the product lifecycle, ensuring the delivery of long-term sustainable value for patients, prescribers, channel partners, and payers,” the leadership team says.

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Evoke: 2019

The global full-service agency Evoke is purpose-built to navigate today’s complex healthcare landscape, according to the management team.

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Excitant Healthcare Advertising: 2019

In completing its eighth year of operation, Excitant management says the agency has continued to defy the odds, gain recognition and attract more clients with its non-traditional approach to defining what a health care agency/client relationship can (and should) be. Excitant executives say that is certainly an enviable position to be in, but it comes from a genuine source.

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FCB Health Network: 2019

Over the last 40-plus years, the FCB Health Network has created ideas and built businesses. But more than that, network executives say, it has launched companies and careers, evolved and excelled, and along the way touched the lives of the countless millions affected by hundreds of diseases and conditions. “If greatness is truly determined by the legacy that you leave and the lives that you impact, then the FCB Health Network stands alone in its achievements,” network leaders say.

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FCB Health New York: 2019

“When you are the world leader, you do just that. You lead,” FCB Health executives say, adding that in 2018, the agency found even more ways to positively impact clients and their brands, physicians and their patients.

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FCBCure: 2019

With 14 new business wins in 2018 and four wins already in 2019, FCBCure executives say the agency is on a roll. “Add to that the agency’s huge win with the hiring of creative industry titan Ludovic Moulin as Managing Director, along with the reformation of its powerhouse leadership team, there is now an unstoppable force poised to emerge as a HCP/DTC/patient communications juggernaut,” management says.

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Fingerpaint: 2019

“With a name like Fingerpaint, it’s not a stretch for the agency to call 2018 a masterpiece,” agency management says. “Even if it hadn’t been its 10th anniversary, it would have been a year suitable for framing. 2018 saw Fingerpaint set out to celebrate its success, further solidify the foundation that got it this far, and harness the unbridled enthusiasm within its walls and channel it into taking the next 50 years by storm.”

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GCG Marketing: 2019

A lot has changed at GCG Marketing in the 45 years that the agency has been in business, and 2018 was no exception. Three major shakeups last year have set up the agency for exciting growth and a bright future as a strategic and creative partner for healthcare brands.

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