2018 represented the agency’s best year ever, as Greater Than revenue climbed 40 percent, agency-of-record assignments expanded across clients and globally, and the agency strategically repositioned itself to further extend recent momentum.

“2018 was a year of extreme growth for GSW,” the agency’s executive team says. “More clients than ever relied on us to help create stories of positive impact for so many healthcare brands. And as a Syneos Health company, GSW continues to provide a distinct advantage over competitors based on our diverse portfolio of offerings and our ability to deliver integrated services.

According to agency leaders at Harrison and Star, “What separates ordinary change from meaningful metamorphosis? What divides the natural ebb and flow of clients and employees, of processes and trends from something larger, something deeper?”

2018 represented HCB Health’s biggest revenue year since the agency’s founding during 2001, closing at $14.8 million. “Our listening mantra is really resonating with our clients in a meaningful way,” said Kerry Hilton, HCB Health’s CEO. “It’s forging better relationships and having an impact on our client’s bottom line.”

2018 represented the eighth year that HealthWork has been at work, and marked a year in which the joint venture between consumer giant BBDO and healthcare innovators CDM began to expand in important and new ways, according to agency leaders.

Heartbeat introduced a new positioning several years ago: The Agency for Challenger Brands. “For most agencies, this might feel like a narrow focus, even a radical positioning,” Heartbeat executives say. “But such discipline has invigorated Heartbeat, increasing our growth and expanding our creative thinking.”

For HyperPointe, 2018 contained several highs, agency leadership says. Highlights in 2018 include the U.S. launch of Novo Nordisk’s Ask Sophia Digital Assistant. HyperPointe, along with tech partner Verint Systems Inc., developed a self-service platform to answer consumer questions, point them to relevant online content, and most importantly, elevate the level of satisfactory engagement patients and caregivers have with the brands.

In 2018, a year in which Intouch Solutions experienced explosive growth, management says it became clear that in order to best serve clients, the agency would need to expand its capabilities and further extend its reach. In short, it was time for Intouch to transform itself into a network: Intouch Group was born.

2018 was a transformational year for Intouch. “It was the year the firm expanded from a single agency into a network,” management says. “It was the year revenue grew 27 percent, thanks to both organic growth and new business. It was the year of an addition of yet another office location, this time in Boston. And it was the year the agency prepared for a major milestone anniversary, occurring in January 2019, punctuating 20 years of the agency charting its own course to the top.”