With a thriving culture, continued growth trajectory, and an abundance of creative and launch opportunities, the Centron team entered 2020 with momentum, optimism, and clarity for the path ahead. And then, COVID-19. “We were facing this inconceivable reality, just like the rest of the world,” says President Celine Vita. “Our first priority was our people: understanding their challenges, how they were adjusting, and ensuring they felt supported in the transition to a remote environment.”

By most standards, 2020 was a year that brand marketers want to forget, according to the leaders of closerlook. “It was a year of uncertainty and turbulent change. But for closerlook, 2020 was a year of strong growth with a double-digit rise in total revenues, significant new brand assignments, a more than 40 percent increase in staff, and multiple industry award wins. The digital-native agency has been a passionate voice for the digital transformation of healthcare marketing, and 2020 saw that message embraced by biopharma marketers.” 

“2020 was the year of listening and acting,” say executives at CMI Media Group and Compas. “Unprecedented times meant uncertain times, which meant it was more important than ever to take time to listen.” According to management, CMI Media Group and Compas had two intertwined priorities: employees and clients. “Listening was employed to make sure they would be able to act on the most critical needs.”

From the start, Concentric Health Experience was built to run counter to agencies of the time with a core mission to embrace the future challenges of health, culture and technology, according to agency leaders. In 2020, a year like no other, it became mission critical, these executives say. “I believe we grew stronger from the challenges of COVID 19,” says co-founder, Ken Begasse Jr.

“No agency met the moment like Create NYC in 2020,” agency leaders proclaim. The transformative year was driven by the agency’s model, passion, and deep expertise in the work it does “and will go down in history as game-changing.”

During 2020, CrowdPharm celebrated a brand launch for a rare disease, achieved a 125 percent increase in organic growth and a 45 percent increase in new clients, expanded its global network in talent and in geography, earned six new accounts, and experienced a 169 percent increase in revenue. The leadership team says the agency firmly established itself as an independent new model in healthcare marketing offering refreshing flexibility, responsiveness, and affordability. 

Privately owned Cult­Health is a full-service agency based in New York City. The leadership team describes CultHealth as a rare type of agency that delivers high-level breakthrough DTC, truly distinctive HCP executions and programs, and world-class digital innovation and services. “CultHealth develops brand and communications strategies that inspire healthcare providers and patients to take action,” management says. “Executing across traditional channels, such as print advertising, POC, broadcast television, and channels leveraging leading-edge digital communications and technologies, CultHealth uses the power of creative thinking to improve health and save lives.”

Cyan Health had, unarguably, its best year ever, according to the leadership team. The agency enjoyed 100 percent client retention, added seven new clients (via five victorious pitches), increased revenue by 40 percent, increased staff by 38 percent, and promoted 12 well-deserving employees. “We launched three branded payer marketing campaigns, one of which included a first of its kind ‘brand.com/payer’ webpage and were honored with an industry award for a payer marketing campaign from the previous year,” Cyan executives say. “Perhaps most importantly, against the backdrop of the pandemic, we managed a seamless transition to a virtual environment, without losing any momentum in our continuing growth.”

“This past year, more than any other, has reinforced the significance of the DDB Health refrain,” leaders at the agency say. “The urgency of health – and healthcare – has never been more top of mind. In an age where science moves quickly, innovation never stops, and taking the right action for better health cannot wait, DDB Health continues to rise to the occasion. The agency’s actions consistently mimic its mantra: Dare to Do Boldly. It’s a courageous call to action for its employees, clients, partnerships, and its work – all of which have grown markedly and impressively through a most challenging year.” 

Leaders at Elevate say it would be an understatement to say 2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone – but for the agency, it was another positive year of purposeful controlled growth.