Proximyl Health is a member of the Truth Serum NTWK within MJH Life Sciences. Truth Serum is a marketing communications network comprising five unique companies that are fueled by access to customers in virtually every area of healthcare. “We believe that when you tap into more authentic customer insights in real time, your brand will continually thrive through audience-fed creative and more powerful content,” Truth Serum executives say. MJH Life Sciences is the largest privately held, independent, full-service medical media company in North America, according to management. 

2021 marks the agency’s 40th anniversary as an innovative, independent marketing communications company, dedicated to providing clients with strategy, creative, technology, and analytics that deliver success. “Leveraging our rich history in direct response and customer relationship marketing, PulseCX focuses on creating customer experiences (CXs) that engage and change the behavior of healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients, and caregivers,” management says. 

During 2020, Purohit Navigation continued to strengthen its ability to discover new opportunities for clients throughout the entire healthcare product lifecycle – from discovery/Phase I through portfolio management – as reflected in the company’s branding. CEO Ahnal Purohit, Ph.D., says, “Our firm’s branding expresses our core identity: we help our clients navigate beyond the expected by identifying opportunities that never existed before, achieving a number of firsts that have become industry best practices.”

For QBFox Healthcomm, an agency who leaders say prides itself on being both efficient and agile, never have those traits been more important than in 2020. “Our clients had goals and deliverables that needed to be met this year no matter the challenges, and I’m delighted to say we exceeded expectations at every turn,” says Steve Viviano, founder and CEO. “I’m proud of my team for solving problems, re-imagining processes and delivering for our clients all in real time.” 

2020 was, for many, a year of difficult challenges and losses, according to the leadership team of Real Chemistry (formerly, W2O and 21GRAMS). Management says the company “stayed true to our mission of ‘making the world a healthier place,’ supporting employees physically, emotionally – and digitally – as they transitioned to a WFH environment and supporting clients in multiple ways with minimal business disruptions.”

“Reality: you can run from it, face it or embrace it,” declare leaders at REALITYRx. “At REALITYRx Communication, we choose to embrace the realities of healthcare marketing in today’s changing environment.” Surviving 2020’s lockdown was one of the greatest challenges REALITYRx has ever faced, according to the leadership team.

In January, two agencies joined forces to deliver local marketing on a national scale and answer the increasing need for asymmetric marketing in healthcare. The leadership team says together, Relevate + Arteric bring a suite of advanced technologies and a history of breakthrough results to solve healthcare’s most pressing marketing problem – sales representatives can no longer call on providers consistently, so they need to market compellingly, personally over digital channels.

From minor ripples to major waves, the healthcare landscape is in constant motion,” proclaim the leaders of RevHealth. “Marketing is the tip of the spear in trying to anticipate the changes, determine their potential brand impact, and strategize the appropriate proactive response to maximize brand health. When RevHealth was founded 16 years ago, we committed ourselves to deliver empathetic and, insight-driven strategies and solutions. Our motto, ‘With Change Comes Opportunity’, is more than a catchy tagline, it’s a promise of how we approach the ever-changing nature of our work: with innovation and agility.”

At the corner of South Adams and Magnolia Avenue, in Fort Worth, Texas there is an advertising agency that knows the value of people, according to management. “From the patients who fill prescriptions and the surgeons who perform procedures to the people who sit behind the desks in our office (we affectionately call them squirrels) and those who make up the community we’re part of, we have always put people at the center of what we do.” 

According to its leaders, SCOUT Health is the longest-running agency focused on rare disease and specialty pharma. “Established in 1999, SCOUT is dedicated to improving the lives of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals throughout the rare-disease and specialty pharma community,” management says.