Jennifer Matthews, The Bloc

“With the goal of stable and sustainable growth for our people and business, we expanded the agency with a mix of organic growth and the addition of new clients. Intent upon living out our mission to ‘Be Great to Do Good,’ we made significant strides in laying the foundation for The Bloc’s future success.”

Boundless Life Sciences

As Boundless, the agency imagines ways to see beyond the toughest of challenges and break through them by applying creative thinking to get things done. “We build agile teams whose sole focus is on the solution, not their personal P&L or how many hours they can bill. The Boundless way is customized, bespoke, and flexible,” say managers.

Brick City Greenhouse

Brick City Greenhouse has strived to create a new agency model for both marketers and agency staff alike. Executives say the agency has made several fundamental departures from the standard operating procedures and norms of traditional agencies, freeing staff to create the highest caliber of work and giving marketers a greater sense of partnership and accountability. 

Calcium 2023

2022 was Calcium’s best year to date for adding talent and building capabilities. And executives say although 2022 didn’t start out with a bang for Calcium, the fourth quarter ended in a boom, with multiple new business wins.   


CDM New York has more than 30 years of experience in supporting healthcare brands during the most critical phase of their lifespan: the launch into market, according to agency leadership. “In the past three decades, CDM NY helped launch some of the most coveted brands in the industry, from clients such as Pfizer, Bayer, Novartis, and more,” executives say. “And in 2022 alone, 67 percent of its force was actively working on launch brands for 2023 and 2024.”

Craig Romanok, CDMP

If you’re going to position yourself as the lifechanging agency, you’d better make sure you change a few lives,” say leaders at CDMP, adding that by all indications, CDMP is doing just that. “Laying claim to one of the best mid-sized agencies to work at, the agency has built an expanding portfolio of first-of-their-kind, life-changing brands and owns a proprietary process to help biotechnology clients navigate the complexities of launching life-changing brands.”  


In 2022, Centron leaders maintain they came to expect – and embrace – the unexpected.  

CMI Media Group and Compas

As the industry buzzes about the power of omnichannel marketing, leaders at CMI Media Group and Compas state that the agency has raised the bar with its approach (and a newly coined term): omnidynamic.

ConcentricLife 2023

In its 20th year, executives at Concentric Health Experience say the agency kicked off the year with an enormous win from existing partners; added several new client relationships; and culminated the year by setting its vision for the future with the creation of ConcentricLife alongside partner Scout (the longest running rare disease agency). As ConcentricLife, the agency grew eight  percent in revenue and has a staff of 275 people with offices in New York, Chicago, San Diego, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, London, and Copenhagen. 


A quick overview of CrowdPharm’s 2022 successes includes three brand launches, launching a new company, earning work from two of the top 10 pharma companies in the industry, branding the technology application that fuels the agency’s global network, the acquisition and integration of a company, launching its own brand campaign and rebranding its global network site, adding 13 new brands to its portfolio, onboarding eight new clients, and expanding into consumer work with one of its strategic partners.