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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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2015 Annual Report: Top 200 Medicines

Humira during 2014 remained the world’s best-selling prescription medicine; Sovaldi vaulted into second place in its first full year on the market; Harvoni is challenging Humira for the 2015 sales crown.

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Top 200 Prescription Medicines Ranked By 2014 Sales

For a listing of the top 200 prescription medicines ranked by 2014 sales, please click on the link below: Top 200 Medicines Online 0815

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First Year After Launch – Special Feature

Not your father’s launches The leading members of the pharmaceutical industry’s new compound class of 2013 have set a new standard for launch success.   Remember when a drug that generated $100 million in sales in its first full year on the market was cause for wonder and surprise? Or, more recently, when a drug […]

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New Molecular Entity U.S. Launches During 2013

For a listing of the new molecular entity U.S. launches during 2013, please click on the link below: NME 2013 Launches Online 0815

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Patient Adherence – Special Feature

Still no Rx for patient adherence Pharma limited in what it can do, but can still have a positive impact   Patient adherence remains a complex puzzle with no simple solutions, and no one stakeholder involved – physicians, insurers, or pharmaceutical companies – can provide all the answers needed. Even though the influence of pharma […]

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Local market strategy design and pull-through via an integrated approach

By Howard Brock — Howard Brock is head of commercial models and local market strategy for Campbell Alliance. Additional contributors include Renee Selman, president, patient outcomes, Adheris Health; Andrew Aromando, executive VP, business development, inVentiv Selling Solutions; Jeanine O’Kane, managing director, Biosector 2; and Leigh Householder, senior VP chief innovation officer, GSW.   Every market […]

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A tale of two continents

How Europe is turning transparency reporting from business constraint into commercial advantage By Tim Slevin and Guillaume Roussel — Tim Slevin is senior VP of global data solutions and Guillaume Roussel is director of strategy for Veeva Network Europe, Veeva Systems.   Dedicated to saving lives and improving human health, both drug makers’ and physicians’ […]

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Sales reps take on “orchestrator” role to deliver superior customer experience

By Saby Mitra and Jaideep Bajaj — Saby Mitra is an associate principal at ZS, and Jaideep Bajaj is chairman of ZS’s board of directors.   As sales rep access to physicians continues to decline and the sales environment grows more complex, pharmaceutical companies are under constant pressure to find ways to differentiate themselves in […]

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Interactive and Digital Marketing

Facts & Figures • According to a survey by MedPanel, physicians are discussing wearables or health apps with 15 percent of their patients on average. This figure contrasts with the number of potential candidates: physicians say 38 percent of patients not using a wearable and 42 percent of patients not using an app could benefit […]

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Medicine Avenue

Klick Ideas Exchange powers kickoff of BIO convention One of the highest-powered events of the BIO 2015 convention in Philadelphia did not actually take place in the convention center itself, but up the street at the National Museum of American Jewish History, at Klick Health’s inaugural Ideas Exchange event. The invitation-only event, co-sponsored by BIO, […]

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