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AI Special Feature: Harnessing the ghost in the machine

While a number of factors are constraining the usefulness of AI tools for pharma marketers, experts believe that the use and sophistication of these tools will evolve.

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AI Special Feature: “The Cyborg Will See You Now”

How artificial intelligence could infuse genuine humanity back into healthcare.

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AI Special Feature: In Pursuit of Artificial Empathy

Despite the benefits empathetic responses can deliver, our industry has yet to fully embrace its integration in the digital space.

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AI Special Feature: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Medical Information Services

We do have more power at our fingertips than generations before us. But witnessing the rise of AI and actually experiencing it are two different realities.

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AR/VR Special Feature 2019: Augmenting pharma

Med Ad News spoke with digital guru Fabio Gratton about the present and future of augmented and virtual reality technologies in pharma and healthcare.

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AR/VR Special Feature 2019 – Game changer: The role of immersive technologies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries

The next decade promises to be an exciting time for science and innovation. Technological advancements are being made on a daily basis and many of these have the potential to directly impact our everyday lives. In fact, technology is changing at such a rate that it can often seem difficult to keep up.

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AR/VR Special Feature 2019: Augmented reality finds its stride

As augmented reality (AR) technology continues to mature, more life science companies are expanding its use, enabling a new class of innovative content for field teams to bring treatments to light. Whether demonstrating a new therapy, showing how a new medical device works or providing details about a complex disease state, AR can improve customer engagement, education and brand differentiation.

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Top 200 Medicines Annual Report 2019: The king of medicines

Humira’s dominance continues as the world’s top-selling prescription product as the biologic therapy is the first drug to exceed $20 billion in annual global sales.

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Lions Health 2019 Takeaways

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity’s 2019 Health Track consisting of the Pharma Lions and Health & Wellness Lions occurred in June along the scenic French Riviera.

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First Year After Launch Special Feature 2019: Straight to the top

The members of the launch class of 2017 wasted no time in passing more established competitors.

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