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One year after launch: Harness the power of sales data to maximize commercial success

During the year following the launch of a new product, a good commercial operations team should accumulate an abundance of helpful sales-related data. Analyzed properly, that data can help executives make better decisions and improve the product’s chances for long-term success. The challenge is: Where to start? How can the commercial team use sales data to better target physicians and better direct the sales force?

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Watch 6 key issues this autumn

A look at potential new developments important to health communications and marketing.

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The impact of technology on advancing diabetes care

Innovations in diabetes care go beyond new therapeutic classes. Pharmaceutical companies are continuing to invest in new technology to help improve diabetes treatment and patient adherence with progress ranging from artificial pancreases to smart insulin pens and pumps.

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Fighting the Opioid Crisis as Anesthesiologists

Hundreds of thousands of deaths, billions of dollars in healthcare costs: Fueled by an addiction epidemic, America’s opioid crisis is graver than ever.

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The next stage ahead for W2O

In the wake of W2O being invested in by private equity firm New Mountain Capital, Med Ad News had a conversation with W2O CEO and founder Jim Weiss about the origins of the company, what makes it stand out from the competition, and how he wants to expand the company’s services.

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New CEO, other moves at CDM

Chris Palmer was named CEO of the global healthcare advertising network CDM.

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Bracing for Battle with a Wig and a Prayer

Whatever you might think you know about cancer, you’ll discover a huge knowledge gap when you receive a cancer diagnosis yourself. No matter how many oncology products you’ve helped launch, how much research you’ve read, how many physicians and patients you’ve spoken with, you’ll still be hit by the unknown and unexpected. That was my experience when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2005.

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New senior VP, new shareholders at AbelsonTaylor

AbelsonTaylor hired veteran marketing strategist Christopher Dimmock as senior VP of customer insights and engagement. AbelsonTaylor also named Lynnette Hunter, senior VP, account director, and Tristen George, senior VP, experience design, to the company’s 14-member group of shareholders.

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Havas Health & You names first-ever global chief marketing officer

Global health-and-wellness marketing network Havas Health & You named Megan Rokosh as global chief marketing officer.

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Klick Health hires managing director and senior VP of media

Klick Health announced three “brow-raising hires” during the May-July 2019 period, furthering bolstering the independent agency’s bench and supporting explosive growth.

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