The medical cannabis market in the United States, even with all of its restrictions, continues to be a fertile area not only for dispensaries, but pharma companies developing cannabis-derived drugs; and proponents say further growth can be generated by educating physicians about medical cannabis.


While Humira remains the best-selling prescription product worldwide, Keytruda has risen to the No. 2 global rank and is on track to eventually claim the top spot.


In professional sports it is rare for a new franchise to win a championship right away. Not so much these days in pharma. Four members of the launch class of 2018 led their entire categories in sales by the following year

It’s a word that’s been popping up more and more frequently in the pharma context, but not everyone understands what it is and what it can do. We asked the experts to explain blockchain.

As large pharmaceutical companies increasingly look to outsource aspects of drug discovery and development to external collaborators, the ability to identify the right partnership candidates before competitors has become critical.

The healthcare industry is increasingly focusing on niche patient populations. However, finding hard-to-reach rare disease patients is difficult and keeping them engaged over time even more so. Could machine learning platforms that deliver personalized experiences for patients and caregivers be part of the answer?

Everyone knows the terms “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence.” Few can define them, much less explain their inestimable value to clinical trials. So, it’s not surprising that, despite their ability to minimize risk, improve safety, condense timelines, and save costs, these technology tools are not widely used by the clinical trial industry. 

Naming a column the “Cutting Edge” in these times may seem presumptuous. Not too long ago, “cutting edge” meant the cusp of innovation, the tech pathway to fantastic discoveries and business success. Who wouldn’t want to be out there? Today, the cutting edge we’re facing is like something out of a horror film – a whirling relentless blade that’s lopping off established institutions with relentless energy and unprecedented speed. Workplace? What’s that? Workforce? Who are they? Economy? Who knows?

The confusion and infighting that has marred the response to the COVID-19 pandemic reduces public support for and confidence in preventive measures encouraged by public health experts. It also threatens the effectiveness, scientific integrity, and reputation of key federal health agencies, potentially inflicting long-lasting damage.

Med Ad News celebrated the leading agencies/networks and creative excellence in the healthcare communications industry on June 18 with the magazine’s first-ever virtual Manny Awards. For the 31st anniversary of the black-tie gala event, Manny Awards were presented throughout the evening to healthcare agencies and networks achieving excellence across 29 categories.