Jon Bigelow, Thayer Pond Solutions

Federal regulation of data privacy and security has been on the back burner for the past two years, but key members of Congress have been working behind the scenes to frame bipartisan legislation and the FTC is gearing up. The Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade may put this issue front and center in Congress after the midterms.

Sander Flaum

At first it sounded like a bad joke. Were House Republicans actually contemplating eliminating the Orphan Drug Act tax credit?

Wendy Carhart, Real Chemistry

A Q&A with Wendy Carhart of Real Chemistry

FCB Health, Lucy Morgan, Isabel Rojas

FCB Health Europe announces two new leadership roles appointed to support the group’s ongoing growth following the formation of IPG Health last year.

Wendy Carhart, Real Chemistry

The newly created role will be a unique driver of employee engagement.

IPG Health Medical Communications

IPG Health today announced the formation of IPG Health Medical Communications, which aligns the network’s award winning Med Comms agencies to create the world’s most comprehensive and interconnected Med Comms offering. 

The full-service agency Emcay is uniquely designed to provide a perfect balance of pharmaceutical knowledge and multicultural insight. Fingerpaint Marketing also announced the creation of Fingerpaint Multicultural, a specialty offering that will focus solely on Pharmacultural® marketing.