As the public’s interest in COVID-19 products continues to wane and the autoimmune medicine Humira settles into life without exclusivity, the anti-cancer agent Keytruda is set to rule the drug marketplace for years to come.

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It’s summer 2023. By now, many of us have “emerged”, as they say. We are getting out and about and making up for the lost time of the past three years. And much of this progress is thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines and treatments from Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna, which played a major role in helping us put the pandemic in the rearview mirror.

COVID spike

In a less-than-shocking development, the top drugs of the launch class of 2021 were all for preventing or treating everyone’s least favorite virus.

Real-world data (RWD) improves health care – especially patient safety. The data enhances signal detection and management to identify and evaluate potential safety concerns. While it offers many advantages over traditional data sources for pharmacovigilance, simply having data is not enough. For optimal utility, healthcare entities must use effective data management tools.

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Lessons from biopharmas taking a patient-first approach.

Apple Vision Pro

The agency speaks with strategists and innovation specialists who have been tracking metaverse developments in health care. Here are their hot takes on Apple’s promising, pricey, and unpredictable foray into the Internet of tomorrow.

Artificial intelligence, face

Generative AI such as Amazon’s HealthScribe transcribing patient visits may open a whole new world of real-world evidence by organizing unstructured and untapped data sources in EHRs.

A nationally representative survey of 2,001 employed adults in the United States released by the health insurance company Aflac  found that many — one in four — simply skip regular checkups because they are feeling healthy. According to the survey, about half of adults have avoided at least one common health screening, including tests for certain diseases and other exams.

Complex road

Bringing a drug to market is harder than ever, and manufacturers continue to navigate a complex road to get therapies to patients. On average, manufacturers spend more than $125 million over the three years leading up to launch, yet two-thirds of drugs fail to meet launch expectations.