Jeanine Koch, AbelsonTaylor

Optimizing product launches has never been more challenging or more vital. The challenges of stiff competition, a shift toward more specialty drugs with smaller patient populations, restricted physician access, and the growing influence of payers, make it essential for launch teams to be as strategic and efficient as possible.

Ray Johnson, Ogilvy Health

Market access in oncology impacts HCP willingness to write the Rx, ability for the office staff to facilitate clearance of the prior authorizations to access the Rx, and patient affordability to start and stay on therapy over time. Particularly for patients and caregivers who are told they must enter battle with the diagnosis of a solid or squamous tumor type — avoiding delays to the initiation of therapy is vital to helping improve the chances of survival with a meaningful quality of life.

Sara Weaver, JUICE Pharma

Unlike their Big Pharma cousins, most start-ups just don’t have the same level of launch experience, and they also lack much of the key infrastructure taken for granted in the top ten organizations; and of course launch revenue is critical for a fledgling company.

Jon Bigelow, Thayer Pond Solutions

The extreme weather events we’ve all been watching are reminders of the myriad implications of climate change for human health, food security, the economy, geopolitics, biodiversity, and how we live each day. They demand an all-hands-on-deck approach to reducing the causes of global warming. Let’s focus here on the hospital and pharmaceutical sectors.

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Like any thoughtful clinician will tell you, adequate testing is needed to make a proper diagnosis, and there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach to a good healthcare regime. Surprisingly, this advice can also be said about how brands should approach social media.

Elizabeth Izard Apelles, Greater Than One

We recently caught up with Elizabeth Izard Apelles, CEO of Greater Than One and founder of Honeycomb Health, to get an update on the progress of Honeycomb Health. She shared her deep passion for philanthropy, supporting patients with rare disease, and hopes for the organization’s growth.

Encompassing two healthcare agencies, a full-service production studio and new media services group, the corporate group is poised for continuing growth.

Real Chemistry

Real Chemistry’s partnership with Writer expands its capabilities into our AI products and services portfolio, including conversationHealth, Integrated Intelligence, and Swoop, as well as the company’s proprietary Insights System with ChatGPT, advanced prompt engineering, data integration and automation capabilities.

Omnicom Health Group

The changes, which coincide with Chief Executive Officer Matt McNally’s first anniversary at the helm, include a new logo and design elements that embodies their employee’s sentiment of the organization’s culture, manifest the global network’s ambition, doubling down on a new brand narrative that clarifies the complexity of the network’s portfolio for both clients and employees and clearly articulates what OHG does and what it stands for.