A day late, and a dollar short – this idiom sums up the position many life sciences companies today are in when it comes to producing and managing promotional content in a compliant manner. Current approaches, such as using a paper-based “brand book” or core claims guide, can’t keep pace with the digital realities facing regulatory departments.

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is continuing to grow in complexity, impacted by factors such as industry regulations, the rise in digital technologies and changing business models. Most importantly, digitization has transformed everything – from creating brand value to meeting customers’ shifting expectations. As a result, pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations must focus their strategies to play a critical, central role in this digital transformation and revolution.

When someone you love commits suicide, there’s no handbook, no rules, no guidance for how to handle it. No one explains how to deal with the guilt, the grief, the questions. Nobody tells you how to sift through the darkness and come out on the other side.

More time is now spent on the Internet through smartphones than on PCs; that includes both work and leisure time. But it’s not necessarily easier to connect with your customers – in fact, the opposite is often the case. The problem, according to Nielsen and other sources, is that 86 percent of mobile usage is through mobile apps, with the mobile web representing only 14 percent.

Amazon’s Dash – a tiny brand-emblazoned device that took “one click” to the extreme – may be the ultimate example of how a company has been able to use technology in such a way as to make a particular choice practically invisible to the customer.

Valeant appointed Paul S. Herendeen as executive VP of Finance and chief financial officer. Also, Louis W. Yu, Ph.D. joined Valeant as chief quality officer, Global Quality.

Julian Adams, Ph.D., was appointed chairman of the board of directors at Gamida Cell Ltd.

David A. Spiegel, M.D., Ph.D., is now CEO of Kleo Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Kenneth I. Moch has been appointed president and CEO of Cognition Therapeutics Inc.

Debra K. Bowes has joined MaxCyte Inc. as executive VP, Business and Strategic Development.