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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Healthcare Agency Roundtable 2017

Executives from 2017 Manny Award winners/finalists and other healthcare communications agencies participated in this Q&A forum of industry topics.

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Special Feature: Ad-Ventures in Marketing X

For the tenth year, Med Ad News chose new Pharmaceutical Marketing Ventures to Watch that could change the way pharmaceutical products are marketed and sold.

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Mobile Marketing Special Feature: Pharma mobilizes

Marketers continue to leverage the power of mobile devices, but have learned it’s not all about the apps.

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POC Roundtable 2017

Med Ad News asked the healthcare agency roundtable panel from the magazine’s December 2017 cover story the following question: How is your organization effectively implementing the point-of-care channel to advance health and healthcare outcomes? What are some of the emerging trends in POC communications?

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Point of care innovation: The evolution of medical interactions

Point of care interactions between patients and healthcare professionals are undergoing significant changes. Whether in the doctor’s office, hospital or pharmacy, new care models are being established that are designed to bring fundamental change to the doctor-patient relationship.

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CHC adopts new mission focused on quality medical communication and industry ethics

The Coalition for Healthcare Communication (Coalition) has faced multiple challenges in Washington over the years, including major tax legislation (more on that below), and now its Executive Committee has adopted a new mission statement designed to both combat information quackery and its more modern rendition – fake medical news – and to highlight and raise the ethical standards of the medical communication industry.

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Using predictive analytics to fight non-adherence: Lessons from telecom

Predictive analytics have transformed the way the telecom industry communicates with existing customers and distributes its resources to maximize customer retention. Can healthcare companies leverage the same analytics techniques to combat patient non-adherence?

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Live video proven to be an effective channel for healthcare

TokBox announced in October 2017 the results of the live video, real-time communications company’s inaugural “Live Video Maturity Study.” The study measures evolution of live video since 2012 across a range of industries, including healthcare. Sixty percent of people surveyed in 2017 have used or are likely to use live video to chat with a doctor about a non-emergency condition such as prescription renewal.

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The era of intelligent engagement and the changing role of the rep

Much has been written about the supposed “death of the sales rep.” Digital disruption, declining rep access to physicians, and the increasing appetite of healthcare providers for readily available digital information have led some industry observers to suggest that the traditional field sales role might one day become obsolete. But while the role is certainly changing, the industry shift towards intelligent engagement means the sales rep will prove more valuable than ever.

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Healthcare’s misalignment means missed opportunities for all stakeholders

Pharmaceutical companies, providers, regulatory agencies, payers and PBMs are misaligned or out of sync. From the patient’s perspective, they are often working against each other – and at the high speed of modern-day healthcare, the end result can be devastating to the patient.

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