The U.S. preterm birth rate increased for the fourth consecutive year to 10.2 percent in 2019, according to the March of Dimes 2020 Report Card on maternal and infant health in the United States.

After capturing record-breaking attendance at its spring Illuminate event, the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) brought together – virtually – the biggest Annual Conference crowd in the group’s history with more than 1,600 attendees from 15 countries representing 250 healthcare and life science companies.

PharmaLive talked to Conran Design Group Managing Director Christina Falzano about her experiences working with tech companies’ expansion into the health, wellness and pharma spaces in driving changes in the healthcare industry – especially in how they reposition post-COVID.

Many brands have yet to catch up to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), for digital inclusion and accessibility for all users.

Med Ad News had a conversation with Klick Health’s Chief Creative Officer Rich Levy about the independent agency’s recent appointment of three senior creative leaders, the kind of work he wants to see Klick produce, and how he is always looking for the next great hire.

Thinking like a consumer marketer allows you to discover patients’ mindsets, how they operate daily, and how they move through their lives. This approach can bring a higher level of empathy and authenticity that attracts patients rather than having to chase them. Following these suggestions can help create a patient-centric media strategy that will appeal to your target audience, so they can make better decisions to improve their care and quality of life.

Ed Hudson, managing director at Create Health, discusses the increasing importance of brand in pharma – especially in light of increased competition.

Fernando Fernandez, Managing Director of FCB Health Network’s BX – Brand Experience Design Group, talked to Med Ad News about how COVID-19 has changed the way people interact with brands, how branding innovations such as audio and motion identities are making their way to pharma, and other topics.

COVID-19 has dramatically altered many of the traditional means of communication and education in the medical community. As often happens in a major crisis, innovations have evolved at lightning speed. Healthcare audience outlooks and expectations have also taken permanent turns.

Bryen Pittner, a Strategic Planner for FCB Health New York, discusses how healthcare brands can reach patients meaningfully at three key touchpoints in a simple transactional journey.