Magnifying glass, laptop

The use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing is already transforming the process of systematic literature reviews – which means better research, better information for healthcare communicators, and better outcomes for patients.

A review of the latest executive moves in the pharma industry over the past several months.

Money, growth

A recent report by Accenture and AdvaMed identifies five key trends driving the future growth of medtech.

Diamond ring

In teasing out marketing attribution for audience actions, the last touch before conversion isn’t necessarily the one that matters most.

Social Determinants of Health

One of the advantages of leveraging behavioral science in healthcare marketing is that it provides marketers with powerful tools to do what we do best: solve problems. Once we are able to identify the unique behavioral barriers at play, the science leads us toward solutions that are likely to be successful in addressing them. But what happens when we are faced with behavioral challenges that are not so clearly solvable?

Matt Reynolds, IQVIA

Matthew W. Reynolds, Ph.D., vice president, scientific affairs, real world solutions, IQVIA, explains how RWE can provide a greater picture of a disease’s progression as well as a blueprint for future outbreaks.

Rebecca Visconti, AbelsonTaylor

Visconti will oversee all aspects of the agency’s marketing intelligence services, leading a team of accomplished specialists who provide data, analysis, insights, multi-touch attribution models, predictive data intelligence, and success metrics for enhancing client and agency decision-making and optimizing the impact of client marketing campaigns.


For years digital health platforms have been integral in helping navigate viral outbreaks such as HIV, COVID-19, and monkeypox. Ramin Bastani, CEO of Healthvana – a platform that delivers test results and records (the company just surpassed 50 million records delivered) to get patients on the right track to receive treatment – talks about how such digital health solutions are improving the response to disease outbreaks.

HBA 2022

With reproductive rights under attack and professional and personal challenges escalated as a result of the pandemic, women have been collectively called on to lead with not just authenticity, but also with compassion, kindness, and empathy. “In times of crisis, women take center stage. We are the peace makers, the solution seekers, the voice amplifiers,” said HBA interim CEO Wendy White at the 2022 HBA Annual Conference.

Jon Bigelow, Coalition for Healthcare Communication

A frenzied lame-duck session and a showdown over federal spending are in prospect as Washington prepares for the 118th Congress. What will this mean for healthcare policy?