Black, white hands

We cannot underestimate the negative impact – not only on individual lives but also on wider society – of participant populations not being proportionately represented in clinical trials.

Fingerpaint Group, Elevalt

Elevalt’s 4Ps proprietary algorithms are the culmination of six years of refining omnichannel execution and are the foundation of the company’s data-driven approach to commercialization.

Health Union

Schappell and Warker join the leader in social health to accelerate innovation, position the company for exponential growth.

K. Pearson Brown, AbelsonTaylor

In this newly created position, Brown will direct internal and external communications for the agency, focusing on recruitment marketing, employee engagement, and company culture.

The former president of Evoke, NA rejoins the OHG network to lead the growing professional and patient powerhouse H/S.

Chaudhary joins imre with more than two decades of experience leading top holding company agencies and practices and advising global clients across all industries with deep expertise for clients invested in healthcare across pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, health tech, consumer health, payor and health systems.

Leo Tarkovsky, Fingerpaint

Leo Tarkovsky brings more than 25 years of proven experience scaling companies in the healthcare space.

Paul Pfleiderer, Havas

As the rapid evolution of the health and wellness sector continues to necessitate innovative thinking and activation across the industry, Havas Health & You appointed seasoned strategic leader Paul Pfleiderer as President of Havas Life New York. Pfleiderer will work closely with Havas Life Group President Denise Henry to drive the agency’s growth and strengthen its market leadership presence through exceptional client work and culture.


Arising out of Calcium’s DEI initiatives, the agency has launched the “I DON’T HAVE A BOX” campaign to drive awareness of the “race box” used in health data collection and its shortcomings in capturing true racial and ethnic diversity.