Experts discuss technologies that are having the biggest influence on audience intelligence and engagement.

Maria Fontanazza

In addition to the commentary you’ll find in the Roundtable – from important issues in 2024 to representation in health care to AI (of course) to influencers, and much more – here are additional themes we heard from both agency folks as well as other industry subject matter experts about the year ahead.

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Part I: From patient access issues to significant cost cutting to the Inflation Reduction Act, there are a host of challenges that the industry is up against in 2024. Our experts weigh in.

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Part II: Agencies are striving to make inclusion and representation a priority at their organizations as well as when working with clients.

artificial intelligence

Part III: A look at how artificial intelligence is affecting innovation in marketing and promotion, and working with clients.

social media

Part IV: Leaders discuss how social media has changed messaging and engagement with patients and HCP, and the role of influencer marketing.

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Part V: Cost pressures, increasing value while improving health outcomes, and leveraging real-world evidence are top of mind.


Part VI: Leaders in healthcare marketing and communications share their thoughts on what excites them about the year ahead.

New Ventures, Med Ad News

For the sixteenth year, MedAdNews has chosen a group of new Pharmaceutical Marketing Ventures to Watch that could change the way pharmaceutical products are marketed and sold.


Clinical trials continue to experience a paucity of diversity, but it will take a multipronged approach to infuse DEI into research.