Or, why 2016 might look a little different than 2015 for pharmaceutical marketers.

What are key trends in the transparency compliance landscape? And, how are life sciences manufacturers tackling growing requirements

The pharma industry’s R&D concentration has been shifting towards specialty therapy areas as research and development returns decline for some leaders.

Industry experts tell Med Ad News about 16 trends that they believe will affect sales-force strategies in the immediate future.

The Medical Advertising Hall of Fame honored C. Marshall Paul and Scott Cotherman as 2016 inductees; Ken Begasse Sr. was the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

The CHC’s mission is to promote and protect the benefit, for society and individual patient care, of the free flow of healthcare information.

At Intouch we hold a number of truths to be self-evident, but perhaps the most self-evident of the lot is this: that digital sales aids only work if sales reps actually use them. Seems pretty obvious, right? The trouble is, not everyone does use them.

Access to information at the moment of decision making is continuously altering the consumer decision pathway and the ubiquity of personal technology is accelerating these changes.

Ever had one of those revelatory moments when someone, or something, questions the logic behind your established, “tried and trusted” approach to performing a particular function or solving a certain set of problems – “Why are we still doing it this way?” – and the only honest answer you can think of is, “Because that’s how we’ve always done it?”

Former GA Communication Group changes name, teams up to expand operations