“Customer Experience” (CX) has been in the industry vernacular for years now, but as we look at 2022, we see the industry working harder to sharpen its focus on CX. We see it becoming more pragmatic in tactical ways. What do we mean by that? The industry has been forced to think about CX in a fundamentally different way as a result of the pandemic and has used new technologies to drive engagement, but the fact remains, there is still much to be done, according to Eric Redline, VP of omnichannel strategy and implementation, Ashfield Engage.

COVID, SCHMOVID … Of all the trends that have accelerated over the past two years, none are more striking and impactful for pharma marketing than a renewed focus on the patient experience. That involves a holistic approach to patient engagement and empowerment that goes beyond traditional disease education, treatment, and support messaging.

Marketing technology will be more paramount to the continued success as brands uncover new ways to utilize AI and data science to drive better patient engagement and experiences. Here are four ways that data can be used in 2022.

It is undeniable that data analytics and insights are going to drive successful engagements with HCPs in 2022 and beyond. Commercial sales are no longer just about feet on the street. Today and moving forward, we are dealing with a hybrid world combining virtual and face-to-face.

Rare Patient Voice (RPV) provides patients and caregivers with rare and non-rare diseases an opportunity to voice their opinions through surveys and interviews to improve medical products and services. Wes Michael, president and founder of Rare Patient Voice, has been involved in rare and orphan diseases since 1998, interviewing and surveying patients, caregivers, physicians, nurses, and advocacy leaders.

Early research has shown that the non-psychoactive compound cannabidiol (CBD) derived from marijuana might help prevent or treat COVID-19, warranting additional evaluation in clinical studies.

Nursing homes have reported the highest number of COVID-19 cases ever among staff, and positive cases among residents also continue to climb.

Fingerpaint acquired MedThink, a North Carolina-based company that empowers healthcare providers through medical communications.

Fingerpaint appointed Bill McEllen as global president. McEllen, a 30-year industry veteran, became responsible for overseeing the company’s integrated business units, including 1798, Leaderboard Branding, Engage, MedThink, and Fingerpaint Marketing, as well as its more than 700 worldwide employees.

Real Chemistry founder and CEO Jim Weiss became chairman and Shankar Narayanan was named chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors effective January 3, 2022. In addition to his role as chairman and founder of Real Chemistry, Weiss joined New Mountain Capital (NMC) – Real Chemistry’s investment partner – as an executive advisor.