HBA 2023, Woman of the Year

Kite’s Christi Shaw, AbbVie’s Jag Dosanjh, and LexisNexis Risk Solution’s Liz Paulson earn top industry honors.


The new structure strengthens offerings and drives the addition of diversified marketing services.

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled the industry to re-examine the way it conducted clinical trials, engaged with patients, and promoted to HCPs. Companies began to explore decentralized clinical trials, new non-personal promotion strategies, virtual customer engagement strategies, and new ways to engage with the patient — all with an eye toward replacing status quo processes and technologies. The result was the accelerated development of new clinical and commercial technologies and data with the ultimate goal of bringing new therapies to patients faster.

George Abdy, QBFox

The agency is kicking off 2023 with the promotion of George Abdy, Jr. to associate creative director of art.

Isaac Batley, SCIRIS

Global healthcare communications company SCIRIS is delighted to announce the appointment of Isaac Batley as new CEO.

Chris Ozanian, JUICE Pharma

Chris Ozanian will be responsible for expanding on JUICE’S ongoing digital success with clients who are craving omnichannel leadership and a customer-focused approach to digital marketing.

Brian Fox, Klick Group

Klick Group announced today that longtime McKinsey & Company executive Brian C. Fox has joined as President to help lead the company’s growth as the premier provider of end-to-end commercialization services for life sciences companies. Fox brings deep expertise in market strategy, product launches, sales force effectiveness, medical affairs, market access, clinical development, and corporate affairs.

Ryan Collazo, Peregrine Market Access

Collazo will develop, maintain, and advance relationships between the agency and clients and lead cross-functional teams at Peregrine Market Access to develop and deliver market access and commercialization initiatives.

Amanda Powers-Han, Greater Than One

We know that a lack of diversity in healthcare settings can lead to harmful disparities in health outcomes, but a lack of diversity in messaging can also make people less likely to seek care in the first place. While social media influencers are working to change narratives and correct harmful assumptions around race, gender, and sex in the medical field, every sector of healthcare can work to understand the importance of diversity, conquer biases and stigma, and improve representation.

Greg Ylagan, The Bloc

Ylagan joins the agency’s creative leadership team and will oversee a NY-based and hybrid team of art directors, playing a crucial role in producing the visual communications for his brands and in growing a culture of artistic inventiveness.